Monday, 16 January 2012

Retro wall plate - Ruscha?

I'm loving this new but old retro wall plate which was in a stash of vintage goodies provided by the very generous Jo at Desire to Inspire.

We hung it up in the kitchen. It works well with the floral art photographs which were taken by Sarah at Molly's Maison, which everyone admires when they come to visit.  I'm not sure of the plate's provenance but it looks like it may be West German pottery, as it just has numbers inscribed on the back. Perhaps it's Ruscha? I don't know. If there are any WG pottery experts who do, please let me know.

It's a happy burst of retro colour to add to our mix of collected things. Thanks Jo!

Retro wall plate

One side of our kitchen


  1. What a lovely injection of colour. We've been back in our house 2 years now since the reno and we're yet to hang the majority of our photos & things. 2012 is the year of getting all of those odd jobs done.

  2. The plate looks lovely. Adds a splash of colour to the wall/kitchen. Am loving all the white also. Ange

  3. When you have pieces of personal art, whatever it is it can really transform a house into a home. Your place looks lovely. Sorry, no expert on plates but I really like it. x

  4. looks great there darl, and so does sarah's images. a v. cool collection!

  5. I love the plate against the white wall. It looks so fresh and bright.

  6. Are there any markings on the back? It could be Scandi too.

    1. There's only a set of numbers embossed on the back. It may have had a sticky label on the front too as there is some adhesive residue.

  7. You know there's that Retro Pottery Net blog that you can send your photos in and the author/readers can help identify? It may be on my blog roll. He's pretty switched on.

    Whatever it is, I love it. It's got that heavy, 70s stoneware look to it. I find myself leaning more to stuff from the 70s now. I would marry a dark brown brick wall if I could find one.

  8. I bet Mr Rooney will disrespectfully glue a fried egg to it when you are out of the room.

  9. That's cool Anita and looks great in your house. I bet it couldn't be too difficult to name and date, you should check out Carmel's idea.
    I totally relate to your last post. I'm a bit of a hoarder and it really peeves Lyn! We have discussions about it regularly and I have to pretend to deal with it :)
    Ps thanks for the mention. The prints look lovely where you have hung them x

  10. Gosh your kitchen and hall are gorgeous! Love that plate too!

  11. Jo is a good stash maker! The plate is lovely in those bright colours against all your white. What are the numbers on the back?


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