Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Meeting Jenny and a Faux Fuchsia sighting

I've been making the most of my new-found freedom now Son#3 is at Kindergarten. Anyone want to meet up for a coffee? Just let me know!

Today I met the gorgeous Jenny who writes The Five Year Project and owns Jitta Jack Homewares. She and her hubby are renovating a Queenslander too. Jenny had some spare brass window fittings that they no longer needed and she kindly offered them to us for our renovation. What lovely people! We organised to meet in Paddington for morning tea.

I wasn't too sure how I would recognise Jenny...When I arrived at the restaurant, I had to explain to the waitress that I was meeting a friend but I didn't know what she looked like...like it was an online date or something (I suppose it was!). But I found her easily.

Anyway, the poor waitress had this massive chocolate smear on her face that no one had pointed out to her. She was so embarrassed but was grateful to be told. I took the smear as a sign that the food must be good; which it was.

Jenny and I were having a great old chat over coffee and cake. And then Jenny told me Faux Fuchsia had entered the building.

Faux Fuchsia is Brisbane's, if not Australia's, most popular blogger...but you never ever see her face on her blog. The Courier Mail calls her a "cult blogger". Jason had a Faux Fuchsia sighting in 2010 that you can read about HERE. It's very funny.

So, you'll hear two versions of today's FF sighting. One is the truth and the other is totally fabricated. Can you tell which one is which?

FF sighting version 1

'Are you sure? How do you know?" I whispered quietly.

An immaculately presented blonde in an ankle length blue and white chevron dress pushing a bugaboo pram was escorted to her seat by the formerly chocolate-smeared waitress.

"It must be her. Look at the hair. Look at the pram; it has a Missoni cover. Who else could it be?" Jenny responded in hushed tones. Clearly, Jenny knows her high-end Italian textiles.

"Oh, you're right. It is her. No way!" I gasped.

The social media junkie in me instantly reached for the iPhone and tweeted with shaking hands.

"OMG. Faux Fuchsia is at the same cafe as us. Should I say hello?"

Jenny texted her sister in Melbourne too!

The call out went as far as Victoria and Wagga Wagga about whether we should interrupt Faux as she was innocently minding her own business. And the resounding response was yes.

I would've chickened out because I'm painfully shy, but Jenny was completely brave. After we had paid the bill Jenny initiated conversation with Faux. I was completely flustered. I couldn't keep my eyes off Faux's hair.

She has amazing hair. I wanted to touch it but that would've been totally weird, right? And her baby is just beautiful. He was rocking the military look in some camo shorts. Extremely enchanting.

Faux was perfectly lovely, not minding the intrusion at all. And if she did mind, she disguised it very well.

Afterwards, I read all the tweeted questions from Faux's cult followers on twitter. "Was she eating carbs?" "How were her nails?"

I'd make a poor detective because I didn't notice any of those details at all. I was just star-struck, like I had just met the Stig without his helmet.

FF sighting version 2

Jenny and I smiled and nodded when Faux was seated at her table. Faux smiled back and exclaimed loudly.

"Oh, I know you! Brismod. Dahling! How are you? How's that handsome old Jason going with the renovations?"

She came up to our table and couldn't stop talking to us. 

"Love the Australian Modern publication you've been promoting on your blog. I've already bought my copy at the Paddington Antique Centre. Here it is. Could you please autograph it for me? Love your work! Retroliscious."

Speaking of which, tonight is the last night to enter my competition for your very own copy of Australian Modern. Leave a comment HERE to win!

p.s Thanks a million Jenny for an enjoyable and eventful morning. And Jason will be beside himself to get some new brass window fittings!! xx

p.p.s Lovely to meet you Faux!! And Jason will be beside himself to know that I met you! xx


  1. Still think you should have planted the tracking device. Then we all could just 'happen' to 'bump' into her.

    TDM xx

  2. Funny post, I'm enjoying a lovely giggle here. Your sense of humour shines through.
    The tweeting for advice today was hilarious!

  3. All very exciting, meeting two bloggers in one day!

  4. I love both versions.....how exciting, Jason must be so jealous! Xxx

  5. How classic Anita. How were your nails looking? Mine are always horrendous - no chipped nail polish - just no polish. Maybe that's worse in Faux's book. Pleased you were barve enough to say Hi.

  6. What a hilarious post! I love it! Thanks for a lovely morning and it was so much fun to meet with you and Faux. Looking forward to doing it again some time soon. xx

  7. I worry now that I don't have a friend who knows her high-end Italian textiles so perhaps I am missing celeb sightings as I swan about. Can you lend me Jenny?

  8. So jealous. You met FF...

    I am constantly on the look out - alas I think the fact that I live on a farm in the WA wheatbelt and she lives in Brisbane means my chances are slim to middling at best.

    Still loving your blog by the way. The Sow's Ear is definitely heading into silk purse territory.

  9. Love this post and the truth is definitely better and stranger than fiction. And you are blog elite yourself lassie, and I bet bloggers in Bunnings are constantly on high alert for sightings of the shirtless Jason. melx

  10. Hahah this is hilarious!! I met FF in Brisbane and her hair is 11/10. Baby FF is divine too.

  11. Hahaha this is brilliant! I always hope to have a FF sighting when I'm about town..but am petrified of what I would say!

    A x

  12. This was very funny and it was lovely to meet you and Jenny. Take care x

  13. He He He, Love it!!! Sounds like you guys had a lovely time!!! My littlest starts school tomorrow, shame I am so far away or I would definately take you up on a coffee or two!!

  14. You write so well Anita, I love reading your posts! It sounds like a great coffee date and like Trish if I was closer I would take you up on the offer of coffee catch ups. xx

  15. Why do I now have the need, after reading your post, to go and watch Single White Female? ;-)
    p.s. Totally get the "Oh happy day" (sung in an African American gospel choir way) feeling when talking about having all 3 kids at school. Woop Woop!!!

  16. So funny! Must be #1 version. Or #2.

  17. Haha, I do the same when I meet someone famous or semi-famous. Jenny is awesome hey, we should all meet up sometime for coffee!
    Sar x

  18. Very entertaining. Yes, it would have been creepy to touch FF's hair, that is unless she touched yours first!

  19. You're funny! I'm having a little giggle reading this.
    I have spotted FF a couple of times in Paddington but never plucked up the courage to say anything. I think I just stared the first time so she must have thought I was a right weirdo!

  20. haha awesome...
    coffee, yes definitely if i ever get to your side.
    ~laura xx

  21. How funny! Brisbane and the blogging world is such a small place! Darwin is miniscule though.


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