Monday, 23 January 2012

Study photos - more progress

It's very nearly finished. These photographs were taken yesterday. Jason's still fiddling around with the window hardware tonight. He can't seem to leave them alone..

The doors haven't been painted yet, nor do we have a light fitting but apart from that it's close to being finito. I should be able to move back into blogging HQ tomorrow after I clean the floors.

Disregard the disarray you see in the photos. Things are a bit all over the place at the moment but I thought it would be good to show you the layout of the study.

The study taken from our sunroom

The study taken from our front entry

This shot is taken from the study. You can see it has two entry points which makes it a nice little home office.
 And in breaking news, Jason's favourite work shorts are tearing to shreds. He may soon have to go shirtless and short-less!

impersonating a castaway with his poor old shorts


  1. Miss Silk purse

    It is looking lovely very light and airy.

    and as for disarray - well it is pretty neat to me.
    RE the shorts - they are selling them like that these days - I think they have some miles left in them yet.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. It's looking wonderful. I love it, especially all the fresh white.

  3. Thanks Lou Lou and Lesley. So those shorts are fashionable?

  4. MMM- a study! We would have to put children in it. There are mutinous thoughts of reclaiming the sunroom for a study for the new high schoolers. Noooo!

  5. I just love those windows in this's like sunshine pouring through with those yellow inserts.

  6. I love your house! I'd like to see a room layout please.

  7. Looking very forward to seeing it all done. It looks lovely and airy and fresh and bright.

  8. The yellow glass is just lovely!

    As for the shorts, that is just character...

  9. Happy New Year! What a great room.

    Is it square?
    I have a thing for square rooms they are very rare.

    It also looks like a treehouse. Excellent for study and contemplation.

    And blogging. (I actually wrote blodging, which could be a new form of bludging!)


  10. You get things done so quickly! Someone's super qualified! Look at all those parchments on the walls! I hope there's a Bachelor of Home Renovation amongst them. And does one of your photos feature a whole lot of brass screws all over the floor?

  11. I love the windows with their sunny yellow inserts - its shaping up to be lovely little area :)

  12. im sorry to hear that jasons shorts must go.... that is sad news indeed.
    sweet little studio tho :)
    ~laura xx

  13. Beautiful windows with the yellow glass. And your husbands tenacity for post work night painting is superb. The shorts- have a good decade left in them, you should see Legoman's work get up! melx

  14. That yellow glass is divine (jealous) it has to be the starting point for the rest of the rooms decor! :)

  15. it's looking fantastic darl - shirtless and shortless?? You are going to attract a whole NEW type of traffic!!!



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