Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shower curtain rings and Australian Modern winners

After I bought our new 'luxe' shower curtain a fortnight ago, fancy-schmancy shower curtain rings have been uppermost in my mind. I know...I should be concerned about the impending civil war in Syria, but the shower curtain rings are troubling me.

You see, I'd like to upgrade from the clear plastic ones which are currently doing an adequate job. They are no longer right (they never were, but I never noticed them before). I've found a more attractive replacement to match the 'opulence' of our new shower curtain.

Image from Gallop Lifestyle HERE
Aren't they nice? They'd look great in a more traditional bathroom like ours. I'm going to order them and see if they are any good. I'm hoping they won't rust.

And a big hearty congratulations to the two winners of the Australian Modern competition!

Sonia from Raine & Sage and Emma from Grace & Issie are the lucky winners. I'll be in touch to get your details.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! If you are really keen you can buy a copy online from Folio Books HERE.


  1. They are delightful, but have caused me to have shower ring envy. I agree about the rust factor . I have this problem with soap dispensers and toilet brush holders. Congrats to the winners.

  2. I've stuck to the plastic rings so far because of the rust factor - let us know how these go! Also, how are you finding the curtains in all this rain? I'm contemplating buying some of the same type but being a bit gun-shy...

  3. What we've found is the rings don't rust but the shower rod does :-( Not sure what the science is behind that. Cheap rod probably...

  4. I used the exact same white shower curtain and rings on my last bathroom renovation, only mine were from Freedom. It did give a sense of hotel opulence.
    I win?! Wow. Please send with my regards to MMMC. Thank you! x

  5. I would definitely give them a go. They are lovely.

  6. They are really nice. Yes, this is something that would bug me too!

  7. Shower rings are great but I'm loving the packaging! Better than the standard plastic bubble fix onto cardboard bunnings variety!

  8. Very nice rings, must say getting very intimidated by your quality bathroomware. Betsy is getting a tad snippy about it all too. melx

  9. Very pretty indeed. Yes give them a go and report back.
    Mind you my days of shower curtains are over thank goodness. My coping skills re removal of mould were traumatic.

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll let you know how I go with the rings.

    Leah, so far so good. But we are being vigilant that it airs out between showers. It's been washed and line dried and no mould just yet. I alternate curtains every fortnight.I have a spare white plastic curtain. xx


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