Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vintage bud vases

Late last year, a pair of old Anchor Hocking bud vases I had on display in the kitchen were smashed. And no, not in a fit of passion either. 

A gust of wind blew over a picture frame that was leaning behind the vases...sealing their fate. Bam, crash, shatter and they entered bud vase heaven.

(I felt like Deb from Loyalist Cottage who often features a broken item of the week on her blog.)

The vases weren't  terribly valuable, but I was still sad they broke. They were a matching pair that had been passed on to us by a friend when he was clearing up his Dad's house. He knew I liked to collect coloured glass.

one of the ruby red anchor hocking bud vases which broke. Boo! 

Bud vases are kind of handy, especially when you still have little ones picking flowering weeds which you are obliged to display with pride near the kitchen sink. Dandelions are the flower de jour. 

So, I found two controlled bubble vases which would act as a substitute. Again, these aren't valuable but I love their sunny yellow disposition. 

controlled bubble bud vases
I have no idea of their provenance but they could be from the 60s...who knows? They're happy and I like matchy-matchy bud vases...to display the weeds and other bits from our garden. 

How do you display your sprigs from the garden?


  1. The colour is fantastic. I always think of your collection when I see 60's coloured glass.

  2. They are beautiful replacements. I am such a sucker for flowers and love having fresh ones in the house most of the time. An extravagance, I realise.

  3. I love colored glassware too, depression glass mainly, love the buds!

  4. Campari soda bottles are great for buds or weeds from the garden

  5. For those little sprigs of flowers or leaves I have some pretty shaped jam jars and a couple of bottles. I think one of them is a small oil or vinegar one? Not quite as posh as your vases!

  6. I tend to use any vessel that comes to hand. I picked up a lovely small straight vase from the oppie and used it for ages. My hubby recenty told me it was a shot glass. works for me. Yours are a very attractive colour.

  7. Very nice indeed. You're lucky I don't live near you or I'd steal all your cheerful coloured glass and then you'd have theft as well as breakage to contend with.

  8. They are cute! And they look stable with the paper weight looking base.
    Sar x

  9. ooh, i love those. v. cool.

    My little vessels tend to comprise of empty raguletto jars!

  10. I think my most treasured part of my duchess set is the little bud vases. I don't think there are enough bud vases around these days.

    I do so dearly love the red ones but I imagine the yellows ones blending in with your house very well.

  11. My mum has one just like yours! Gosh that takes me back :)
    Could they be Murano? Or maybe copies of? Doesn't matterm, they're lovely :)

  12. Now don't break those new ones. You'll have to do a guest post.

  13. They are quite sophisticated little bud vases. I like them. I think SarahB may be right ... they do have that Murano look.

    I usually just use one of three little old glass bottles I have in the cupboard.

    Speaking of which, god I'm sick of packing.

  14. similar colour as my nail polish today .... awesome
    I like
    ~laura xx

  15. Probably no surprise but little crystal vessels figure prominently as my vase of choice for small sprigs from the garden.
    Isn't it a shame when favoured items meet their maker (so to speak).


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