Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pretty art glass and Peugeot update

There are a few more dust collectors in the Sow's Ear.

I picked up my bud vases last week and just love them. They are nice and heavy; very substantial for bud vases. They also have a slight lean to them which you notice when the two vases sit side by side.

And earlier this week I bought another I needed more. This one is Swedish (I think) and is wafer thin. Again I love this style and shape of vase. It will pretty up the Sow's Ear quite nicely.

Swedish vase and Murano style bullicante bud vases
Thanks everyone for the hilarious and sympathetic comments re the Peugeot 'citron'. The car is now in quarantine at the service centre. They are waiting for parts from France so it will be at le mechanique until further notice. Apparently there is more wrong with the car than just the air con. The air con fail is just a symptom of a bigger problem. Fortunately it is still in warranty.

Jason wrangled a courtesy car until it is fixed after a curtly worded email was sent to Peugeot Australia. They've been  quite accommodating and organised everything for poor old Jason...which is far more than the service centre was prepared to do.

We are not complainers by nature but have slowly realised that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. The most amusing part about this is Peugeot did not organise a Peugeot hire car for Jason. It's a Toyota. (I told him he should've asked for a ute so we could transport building materials and go to the tip!)


  1. Beautiful vases, love the colour! Agree with being the squeaky wheel, I hope it all works out. KP

  2. Nice glass.

    For years Mr FF wasted time and energy and cash on 2 temperamental alpha romeos because he thought they made him look youthful and feel kind of sporty, but eventually after one breakdown too many (usually in peak hour, in the rain), he drew a line in the sporty car sand and sensibled it up with what can only be described as an Old Man Sedan style mercedes. It's slighty aging but he hasn't looked back. There's something in that for all of us really. Love to Jason x

  3. I feel bad. I culled a bud vase like that a few years ago in one of the many moves. Mind you, it wasn't such a pretty colour like the yellow you have, but still ... :-(

  4. Lovely glass. It's true, complain loudly and something happens. Glad the poor car and Jason are on the mend.

  5. That blue vase looks beautiful next to your yellow bud vases. I really like the flattened surfaces. I saw a similar vase on ebay/etsy yesterday and the price was $60. Yes.

    PS I'm glad the car's getting sorted. Sometimes you do have to flex a bit of muscle to get some decent, old-fashioned service. Thank god for warranties!

  6. I love these vases, Anita, especially that blue one. I'm a sucker for blue vases.

  7. I somehow ended up with a bud vase the same as your yellow ones, but in red. No idea where it came from but I think I'll go dig it out now. I think it says a lot when the courtesy car is a Toyota!

  8. Hey look! I found your pretty blue vase in a painting on another blog!
    How cool is that!?

  9. FYI-Saw your vases, though in amethyst, tagged as scandanavian, priced at $85!
    Lucky lucky you:)

  10. I feel your Peugeot pain. When you turn the ignition on our wee frenchie at the moment the back windscreen wipers come on... sometimes they stop... sometimes they stay on the whole trip.

  11. I'm pretty sure I have the same vase as your Swedish one, except mine is opaque and turquoise. It does have a "made in sweden" label on the bum. Sweet find!!

  12. Hi, your bubble base yellow bud vases were made in Japan. You might like to take a look a my website (ongoing project).


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