Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Renovator's Rescue: part four

Someone was asking about the renovator's rescue house which I have been stalking for the past few months.  We drive past this house most days on the school run. 

It was in a pretty bad way when it was first on the market and whoever bought it is slowly bringing it back to life. The house was on the market for under $400,000 which is basically at land value for a 604 sqm block in this spot.

Here are some photos of where the house is at - call it house renovating voyeurism...

This shot was taken a month or two ago, when the house was raised and re-stumped. They also boarded up the front verandah and have installed a dinky little window which  I personally don't may look better when it is all finished though...

I took this photograph this afternoon. You can just see the slab has been put down under the house and there is a brick wall arrangement attached to the left hand side of the home. It's very curious and I wonder why they did that? 

In this shot you can see the house has been extended at the back. The home has also been re-roofed with tin - there were tiles previously but the tin looks a millions times better on this home 
I can't wait to see what else they do with this place!

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  1. Oooh! Interesting! I'm intrigued by that brick wall and little window.

    I'm sure it'll all look fine when it's done.

    (But at the end of the day, we'll all prefer the Sow's Ear.)

  2. I'm with MMMC, that little window looks a bit "interesting" and the Sow's Ear is the bee's knees.

  3. The owners are very brave to take this old dear on. The window is questionable but it's better than demolition. I saw a friend's house raised its own height again today and it sent me all aquiver. The space!

  4. Oh that window and built in verandah is very questionable! Prices are a lot higher than were we live. Our block is a lot bigger but was a whole LOT cheaper too. Bet they're spending a heap on it too, I always think that when I see scaffolding :)

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I love seeing Queenslander renovations. The owners are very brave taking this one on, it looks very dilapidated - though it may be in good condition inside and just deteriorated on the outside. Wonder if you can get any sneaky inside pics ;-).

  6. Love that bay window, hate the besser blocks though. Previous owners did that to our house,so ugly!

  7. Hmmm, don't know about the little window. Good price for the block! A-M xx

  8. Hi there!
    I've finally created my own blog. I can't email you thru the contact menu because I cannot answer the prompts. Anyway, if you're interested, I also live in a QLDer. Bought it 5 years ago. Am an ex actor now school teacher. Married a visual artist. Moved from Sydney 5 year ago to Nothern NSW. Have been making very gradual changs to the house and yard. Limited budget but a lot of heart.

    I'm finding this blogging thing quite difficult to navigate but am determined to create a diary of all our progress so far. Regardless of how insignificant it might be. It all adds up!

    Blog address is http/www.rachael'

    :) Rachael

  9. Thanks for the update, that was nosy me pestering you. The window is frankly a "what the?". The rest looks fantastic, love love love that bay window. melx

  10. Can't wait to see what they do with this place (and that contentious little window!), keep us posted :)

  11. This is a renovation I can relate to (somewhat unfortunately haha)!

  12. wow, that's hard core. will be cool to see it progress!

    hope you have a fab weekend darl xxx


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