Sunday, 12 February 2012

I told you so...

I'm not particularly gracious. It is a character flaw to be acknowledged and ashamed of...

On Friday evening straight after work, Jason met us at the children's school for a function. He seemed hot and bothered, a little agitated.

"What's up?" I asked, noticing the tense body language.

"It's the car. There's something wrong with the car. It's stuffed," he said with utter desolation.

Jason bought a mid-life crisis sports car about 15 months ago when he turned 40. Sleek, sexy and completely impractical for the family of five which he conveniently forgot about when he signed the car contract. The new Peugeot may well be the fourth child in the family. You can read about Jason's car here if you want to know more.

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"Oh no! What's happened?" I gulped expecting to hear the worst.

"The screen on the dash says there's an electrical fault. And now the air con isn't working. It's like a f%$#ing furnace in there. I've just been pouring sweat on the drive here."

"The air con? Oh! That's no good...Didn't you wind down the windows?"

"That's not the point. There's something wrong with the car!"

"It's still running isn't it? If it's only the air con, then it's not the end of the world..."

Apparently it is. Jason is miserable, like there's been a death in the family. He's so devastated that there was no work done on the Sow's Ear this weekend. Nada. He's even off his food!

I know. It's serious stuff we are dealing with in the First World. The weekend was quite warm, but according to poor Jason it's been the hottest one on record. I think he's overreacting slightly. Psychosomatic, perhaps?

The car is booked for a service next week. I'm hoping the car will be back to normal. We need Jason happy and cool again and, more importantly, I need to wipe the not-too-discreet "I told you French cars were sh*t!" smirk off my face.

Wish us luck. Progress on the Sow's Ear is depending on it.


  1. Oh my. Confess I am laughing just a teeny bit here. Hope the air-con is all sorted very soon.

  2. I'd better not start on the two seater sitting in my garage...

  3. I had a Volvo which I bought in the winter once. It wasn't until the summer that I realised that the heater was stuck on full.

  4. Oh dear. Our last car was a Peugeot and we had an air conditioning problem as well. Expensive to fix as all the parts have to come from France. Don't ask me how much a side mirror costs (four digits!) My husband knocked one off literally ten minutes before the person we sold it to came to pick it up. Sums up our Peugeot experience perfectly. I hope you have better luck :)

  5. Oh Oh. Hope Jason can buck up soon. Can't afford to waste the manpower.

  6. Poor Jason, but I do think a spot of painting would help him get his mind off his admittedly very troublesome troubles.

  7. You know what Jason needs to do ... he needs to drive around without a shirt on. That's what he needs to do.

  8. Hahahaha!!!!! So funny! My husband did that with a motorbike about 2 yrs ago It's gone now. He came to his senses :)

  9. That's so funny (sorry Jason)! I'd have a smirk on my face too :)

  10. Eeek sounds expensive. I take my Peugeot to Gold Coast Sports & Prestige. Rob is fabulous and heaps cheaper than anyone around here.

    TDM xx

  11. You're a cruel woman ha! But I see this as the perfect excuse for Jason to do a bit of retail therapy....nothing like a new suit to cheer a bloke up hey jas? I'm guessing after this post though you may be having steak for dinner he he.

  12. Oh dear, feeling the pain for poor Jason. Also smirking right along side you as well ( i too would be extremely ungracious) if it makes him feel any better tell him that our honda crv aircon exploded outside warranty when i was 39 weeks pregnant in a hot december ( and it is our only car). Found out was such a common problem with this particular model it was called the " black death"- honda of course denied everything. Several grand later........ no more beautiful brass fittings at the sows ear! melx

  13. Totally hilarious but I understand your husband's pain. We bought a Peugeot 308 when we returned to Australia towards the end of last year and it has been an absolute nightmare. It has been at the Peugeot Service Center for over 2 weeks now and this is the second time it has been put into be fixed: the car is only 16 weeks old! Wish we had bought a Golf instead... all the best with the car issues, Fifi

  14. Ha, i shouldn't laugh, but the comment about being off his food really amused me. Hope the a/c gets sorted soon ... for you and the Sow's Ear's sake.x

  15. Oh ... and Jason's sake as well!!

  16. Jason, get rid of it, it's a bloody girlie car. A poor copy of a Audi TT


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