Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Discerning Dirt Association

Today we conducted an indoor plant intervention.

Yes, we've (Jason will tell you that is the royal 'we') neglected them. My (cough) domestic (cough) goddess status, much like my Klout score has nose-dived during the last few weeks.

The various retro West German ugly pots contained just the merest suggestion of what was once considered flora.  To the uneducated eye, the pots were just vessels for our dried-out dirt collection. I'm sure if I googled it there would possibly be a Discerning Dirt Association which we could join...a 'clean' one hopefully.

Unfortunately the poor old plants were stationed in our front entry, fore-warning anyone daring to enter the Sow's Ear that this was not a place to bring plant life or else. The first thing visitors would see was a bullet planter containing dust and a brown spider plant beyond resurrection...despite it being Easter.

I don't know what happened with the plants? I'm going to blame the distraction of the building works we've just had...not that Mr D graced us with his shirtlessness...but his shirt-wearing presence was a distraction nonetheless.

So, with the greatest of efforts I collected my vessels of grey dirt and did my best to resuscitate the plants which still had leaves. It was a heart-breaking mission. A few weeks of little or no water can kill a plant, y'know?

The peace lily is resting in peace I fear, the anthurium may be salvageable and in the saucer pot I planted a new spider plant which I found in the garden.

This poor thing was a philodendron which I re-potted in this planter. It should have glossy leaves. Pray for it.


  1. I can be very forgetful when it cones to indoor plants. Some withering leaves reminds me to water the whole lit. The poor things.
    I have one word... Succulents :)

  2. That's a good word Sarah. xx

  3. i have the opposite problem ... I over water all the time ... they drown poor babes .. le

  4. Every time I buy a plant I'm all gung-ho about how amazing I am going to care for it and will flourish and and then it dies a few months later. Opps. Thanks for reassuring me I'm not the only one!

  5. This is why i don't have indoor plants. Please pour some liquid fertiliser onto them. Hurry.

  6. I'm not sure prayers will save those poor specimens.

    I'm with SarahB on this one ... get yourself some succulents ... not the cactus variety as you don't want to start another Olympic team of the boy stabber-type.

  7. I'm afraid I'm so inconsistant with watering my indoor plants that I replaced them with fakes! At least I can't kill them.

  8. I just buy new ones and no one is the wiser. I always say I get my $15 bucks worth and all in all they are cheaper than buying flowers regularly. I thought you had that plant... mother in laws tongue...its great, very tough and looks nice and retro.

  9. ahhhh you see, this is why I like you, because you make me feel normal when I look at my dead(ish) plants....


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