Friday, 13 April 2012

I will love you forever

Remember how I said that I will never, ever enter another blogging competition after my failure in last year's Best Australian Blog Competition...?

Much like how I said there will be no carbon tax  blogging contest under a blog I lead...

Well I lied. And I nominated myself yet again. It's that self-destructive mechanism kicking in. Please, just overlook some of the oversights in my administration  blog.

The lapsed retro Pineapple series, the shortage of before and after renovation reveals, the less-than-professional iPhone photography, the poor grasp of social media networking, the paucity of shirtless Jason shots, not replying to every single comment... so many things to forgive.

I'm not proud of this record, but I do aim to do better. Truly. If you give me the chance.

Just remember the pleasure I have given you at Jason's expense. Didn't you love it when his Peugeot broke down and we all laughed together? And remember the time he sustained a head injury while working on the deck and we all gasped at the horror of the wound? And the gratuitous nudity with mid-century chairs...Surely, these blog posts count for something?

There's over 1,000 blogs nominated (and not all self-nominated methinks), some of which are on my blog roll. So, if you are heading over to vote for your favourites and you are feeling generous, head on over and tick Fun and VJs.

We will love you forever. Long time.


  1. Never commented before,luff your blog bigtime. nearly escaped with the voting thingy, but held in there. Keep up the good work


  2. and what about all the stories on the disasters that have resulted from those hideous lights !!! You deserve to win ... you go girl !!!
    Anon N

  3. I've just voted for you and you alone, Anita. When will you be sending me the money?

  4. You are the best Australian blog out there (yes, true, you are the only Australian blog I read so I have a biased view but..). I just put my vote in. You better win this! but for real, you always crack me up & so I'm crossing my fingers for you, good luck!

  5. Have voted for you ! Cannot believe all those blogs. I only know about 10 of them.

  6. Well...I guess you are jusst gonna have to love me forever. xx Good luck.

  7. Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate you putting a tick next to our name. There are few people who've come out of the woodwork to vote for us and we really appreciate that too (thanks Paula and Sonia D who sent me an email).

    It's nice as a relatively smallish blog to feel supported regardless of the snowball's chance we have at winning. Love you forever! xx

  8. I just voted for you and I hope you win :)


  9. I just voted for you and Curly Pops. I couldn't recognise anyone else! Good luck.

  10. Love you forever too Carmel!! xx

  11. I've just voted - I've never posted a comment on your blog (even though we talk regularly??? And to give you a huge heads up, I ran into Jason today in the city!!) but I truly love your blog, your antics are absolutely hilarious & your house looks fantastic!

  12. Thanks Anonymous!!! Love you forever. Xx

  13. Vote casted, which means you now have to 'love us forever' - ha! Good luck!

  14. Vote casted, which means you now have to 'love us forever' - ha! Good luck!

  15. It is a very exhausting list and so many new blogs that I've never heard of before. Pity I don't have a spare 2 days to click on each and every link and check them out. Fun & VJ's got a tick from me, as well as a few others, including mine of course!

    Thanks for your support too, Anita.

    Jennifer xx


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