Friday, 20 April 2012

Pineapple Series: Sausage Tropicana and Grill'd Wintergarden

I'm resurrecting the Pineapple Series on the blog. Consider it my service to all of you stuck on quick easy meal ideas. Now that winter is fast approaching, we all need the sunshine that is contained in a tin of pineapple.

I was in a quandary about what to cook one evening. I had some sausages in the refrigerator and not much else. What could I make? Then I remembered the pineapple in the pantry and referred to the pineapple bible that is the Golden Circle Tropical Recipe book circa 1960s. Surely, it would have a recipe?

And sure enough, there was Sausage Tropicana (page 23 under Sunny dinners) screaming out to be made.

Sausage Tropicana waiting to be cooked in the oven.

Sausage Tropicana
15 oz can Pineapple pieces or crushed pineapple
3 cups boiled rice, drained
1lb. cooked beef or pork sausages
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
salt, pepper, mustard

Place the rice in a well-buttered casserole. Arrange the browned sausages over the top. Drain the pineapple and to it add the brown sugar, vinegar and seasonings. Spoon the seasoned pineapple over the sausages. Moisten with a little of the pineapple syrup. Dot with butter. Bake in moderate oven for about 20 minutes.

Verdict: This dish is essentially rice and sausage with pineapple, so it was quite bland. The kids didn't mind it but it needed more of a flavour boost for my liking. This could have been a winner with gourmet sausages, like spicy chorizo or a herby vegetarian sausage. It was however a wholesome, filling meal that Betty Draper would have been proud to serve to Don and the kids.

And on a slightly different tangent, a lot of Brisbane bloggers around the traps get invited to some very la dee da events and launches.

We don't.

But we were invited to the launch of a burger joint in the newly-opened Wintergarden in the City - Grill'd

I was so excited! Sadly, I couldn't make it... but I did send my commissary, Jason to move it and shake it with Brisbane's 'Burgeratti' elite earlier this week. He took along Mr D the builder as his date (Mr D worked as builder on the Wintergarden site, so it was an inspired choice).

As my blog correspondents, they were entrusted to deliver me feedback (as well as return sober) and take some usable photographs. They had to work for their junket.

This was their masculine take on the evening:

"There were a lot of glamorous looking 'modelly' types with severe expressions. They needed to eat more burgers. The men were small and wore their pants too tight." (Jason's words...)
That's Mr D, the builder, cutting a rather fine figure with his Grill'd burger.

"The burgers were good. They cut them up into bite-size pieces and we could try all the different types. And they had all this nibble food. Really good olives."

'WTF is that?' I asked. "I don't know...I think it was spicy meatballs," Jason replied.

"The staff were friendly and they kept us well-supplied with food and drink at our table all night."

Jason said Mr D pointed out some of the flaws in the building finish and wasn't a fan of a large concrete post that was used as an architectural feature in the restaurant.

Anyway, the boys had a good time rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers and have given the new joint the thumbs up. Thanks to Grill'd Wintergarden for the invitation to their launch!


  1. Healthy burgers, healthy mind. I'll remember that!
    My taste buds are alarmed at the Sausage Tropicana.

  2. Was that meal a hit? Or not?

    I do luff a retro meal but this particular one could be a Bridge Too Far even for a seasoned professional like me.

    Meanwhile I look forward to seeing Jason in the Social Pages of the Brisbane News x

  3. I just showed this recipe to my husband because it's the sort of thing my children would eat.

    He said it was the strangest looking meal he'd seen since I tried, and failed, to 'Wow' him with a chicken cordon bleu back in the hey-day of early marriage.

    I'm cooking your pineapple recipe. And if that means my next meeting with the Husband is in the Family Court, well so be it.

  4. Dang! Look at Mr D's trim waist. Does that D stand for 'delicious'?

  5. He he, my husband would be even less wordy, especially if out with his best mate, all about the food & one photo of the food, not the decor or models. Looks yumbo, maybe we'll venture there when next in Brisbane (June, yes, husband home, yahoo) & we'll be sure to mention your blog as the reason we're there, just watch the invitations roll in, big timers. Love Posie

  6. Anita, the very second I decide to hold a la dee da event and launch you name will be there, at the very top of the list. If it happens to be a Foodie event and launch, there is NO NEED (no need) for you to bring a dish. There will be ample catering here. Again, for clarity, NO NEED (no need) to bring any food with you.

  7. Laughed out load at you blog post (thou not regarding the pineapple sausage combo. How did we survive the 70's?) No offence to Mr D but I miss Mr Roonie. I would love to have heard his insights into free food and restaurant launches, a la Grill'd. I'm sure he would have had a unique take on the soiree.

    Susan x

  8. Yes Susan I also enjoy reading the wit and humour of Mr. Rooney, but I have to say that I'd like to see some shirtless photos of Mr D. Will Jason share the limelight ?

  9. Judging from the comments we all need to get out a bit more....glad to see the resurrection of the pineapple meals.Lotte and are are home., yey! Xxxkaherine ps how is the voting going

  10. OMG - my mum used to make that dish!! when i was clicking on hte image to head here, i instantly thought "wonder if it's served with rice?...." and there you go, it is. same deal. she used to make it with the pineapple in the saucepan with the snags, and I think a bit of water and some curry powder went in too, made a thick saucey kind of affair. thanks for hte walk down memory lane darl! xx

  11. FF, the meal was a miss for me, but a semi hit for the kids.
    Anon - you cracked me up with that comment.
    Susan, we miss Mr Rooney too even though Mr D has a trim waist. We hope he comes back to Brissy one day.
    MMMC - your kids will love the dish
    F - lol. Jason gets a bit territorial re shirtless shots
    Jules - so funny that your Mum used to make this. Her version sounds saucier. xx

  12. THat looks soooooo delicious! I have that same recipe book that I found at the oppy.

  13. Is the Prawn Tropicana recipe in the same book? It was a staple favorite of my very British after arrived down under, and still holds many find memories for this Aussie from Tennessee.


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