Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Under the house progress

The work under the house is going great guns. Mr D and his trusty side-kick returned today to start framing the areas which will be weatherboarded.

The builders removed all of the old wall framing on the sunroom side of the Sow's Ear and built up the concrete hob on which the framing sits. The old frame had suffered some past termite and water damage and all the tin ant capping (flashing) was rusted to bits. 

rusted ant capping
It's not terribly exciting work they are performing but it will have a big impact on the final result
 - practically, as well as aesthetically. Jason said it will just neaten the whole look of this downstairs area which  he assures me is what will make the Sow's Ear a silk purse. 

Shame about our rickety side stairs which look like crack house stairs...

On the other side of the Sow's Ear, Mr D removed some old louvred windows and made a new opening to install a casement window. We have an old hopscotch window which will be recycled for this spot.

new window opening and sill 
The weatherboards will be going up tomorrow if all goes to plan.


  1. It will give you so much more space - almost like a bonus house!

  2. Thanks Amanda. Yes definitely. Before it was not properly sealed or waterproof, so this will give us more options down the track. Xx


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