Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This ANZAC Day we remember QX16895 Private Jim McCreath, 2/25th Australian Infantry Battalion who was killed in action in Gorari South, New Guinea on 10 November 1942. He was 29, single and had no children.

The Battle of Gorari was the last major engagement of the Kokoda Trail campaign.

His baby sister and last surviving sibling, Belle died last year, aged 92. She was Jason's Nana and she kept this photo of Jim on her wall for her entire life.

It is important to keep on remembering them. They were much more than just their serial number.

Private James McCreath, 2/25th Australian Infantry Battalion

McCreath Family in 1920s in Mitchell Qld
From L to R:  Percy, Belle, Jim, Elsie and David


  1. Yes, we have to keep on remembering. They live on in us. A-M xx

  2. I've been watching all the anzac docos and news stories and shedding a lot of tears about all that senseless loss.

    It's all very sad.


  3. My Grandfather went to New Guinea during the war and when he passed he had never spoken of his time their. It is upsetting to think that whatever he experienced was to such a degree that he could not talk about it. ANZAC Day is certainly a time of remembrance.

  4. My grandfather went to WW1 and survived the Western Front. Went voluntarily too when he had a wife & children. Watched Gallipoli tonight knowing I'd burst into tears. I think we will always remember them.
    Also, that photo of the children ... they look so close in age.

  5. I'm sorry to say I don't know about this battle/war (unless it is related to either/both of the WW?), but I can appreciate and respect your tribute and the photos nonetheless. Thanks for sharing (and making me google some Australian history).

  6. Beautiful photos. They have so much character, which is why I LOVE looking at old pictures.

  7. Wonderful.

    I thought I had finished my Anzac day tears...

    I was wrong!

  8. Oh Anita, what an evocative post. Thanks so much for sharing these precious photos and your family history. We owe them so much. J x

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this. That family portrait of all the children is wonderful. melx

  10. Thank you for keeping the memories alive.


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