Saturday, 28 April 2012

If there's a way to renovate in the rain...

...odds are Jason will find it.

It's been raining incessantly for the past 24 hours, ruining what would have been a very productive weekend.

New weatherboards under the deck. Hopefully it will be ready for painting next week.

Jason was determined to work around the Sow's Ear, so he took on the task of filling all the gaps in and around our new weatherboards located under the deck.  He's been focused on filling and sanding the boards exposed to the weather but this weekend he had no choice but to work undercover.

sikaflex pro which we use to seal the gaps in the weatherboards
His favourite new-to-him product is Sikaflex which he's been using to seal the gaps between the weatherboards and to cover up the nail holes. It is polyurethane based and allows a great degree of flexibility for when the weatherboards shrink and swell. (He loves the stuff. Disturbing. Let's hope he doesn't start chroming it.)

I think life is too short to be gapping every nook and cranny, Jason thinks otherwise. Obviously.

It will take a while for the Sikaflex to dry with all this rain about, but it will be a nice neat finish. After all, it's all about becoming a silk purse.

Jason in gapping action


  1. A man and his Sikaflex is like a man possessed.

    I understand the sikaflex thing - we have it in our house :)

    have a lovely weekend and hope you are all well

    Loulou :)

  2. Good to see you had progress, we did too but unfortunately my arms hurt too much to hold the camera and take photos at the end. I think some panadol before bed is wise :-)

  3. It sounds as though Jason is less flexible than his sealant, which is as things should be. A pineapple dish to boost morale amid all the rain?

  4. It is possible to love the sikkaflex a bit too much.

    It is a fantastic product, that has all the attributes of silicone as a sealant, it is a much better adhesive than something like ‘no more nails’ but is paintable like ‘no more gaps’ but by gee you pay for it. $14.00 a tube versus $4.00 for nails or gaps.

    You are under roof there, so there is no need for water sealing and your new chippy did a tip top job of the weatherboards, so there’s no need for Sikka’s glue property – any old gap filler is plenty good enough for the job at a fraction of the cost.

    If you need to gap it glue it and seal it Sikka is the weapon of choice. No doubt about it.

    Gap filler is fine. It also has the advantage of being acrylic and easy to work. Just wipe the excess off with a wet rag or sponge. Too easy.
    Sikka is much harder to finish properly. If Jas insists on using a Rolls Royce product for a job that a Holden Barrina would do just as well - at less cost, here’s a tip.

    Get a spray bottle. Fill it 20% dishwashing detergent 80% water. Apply the Sikka bead with the gun as you would do normally with gap filler, then spray a fine mist of deterg mix over the bead. Wipe it off with your finger and it will come up a treat.

    It would be a nice job but still be an utter waste of money.

    The detergent spray method works splendidly for finishing silicone as well.

  5. Your purse is getting silkier every day.

  6. HA, I love your notion about life being too short to bother with all the nooks & crannys. Drew a perfectionist, too, hence every inch of our house being torn to bits. That said, I have a feeling the two of them are probably right..

  7. Your home is definitely a silk purse these days. It's gorgeous.

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Mr Rooney, yes that sikaflex is mighty expensive and is overkill for under the deck. Luckily for Jason he's been alternating between no more gaps and the sikkaflex. He's been using it in and around the tap where it does get wet. Jason remembers your detergent trick. You need to start a weekly tips and tricks column on my blog Mr Rooney. I'll try to get sponsorship for it if you're keen. xx


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