Friday, 12 April 2013

New wheels

While the kids have been on school holidays we made a billy cart with left over timber from our renos and a few bits and pieces purchased at our local (hardware, not pub).

The boys just love it.

We've yet to give it a proper test-run because our street is too hilly and I can't face the prospect of broken bones at the moment. The billy cart doesn't have brakes. We plan to take it out this weekend though...on a nice gentle slope to start off with...

Check out our new wheels:

Billy Cart DIY
The kids have  dubbed it the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings...
Ha! We suspect our boys won't be making the rugby team anytime soon. 

Look at those beautiful lines
The seat folds down for easier transport
The boys are planning on making a few slight modifications and  add number plates 

The Nazgul is parked in Jason's carport because his mid-life crisis sports car (read the back story here) is at the shop getting repaired. It had an unfortunate incident with a car park post (and it was not my doing for a change). Yes, he's still held on to that French car despite all the hiccups with it.

I wanted to get a shot of Jason in his suit and new brogue shoes riding the billy cart as a fun shot for the blog, but he wouldn't be in it.

For someone who parades around shirtless rather shamelessly on this blog, he's become rather shy!


  1. Love the seat! Good upcycling. What the boys need in lieu of brakes is a good pair of thick-soled, athletic shoes.

    1. Ha! Classic. I should get them some of those platform sport shoes, just for the billy cart mind. xx

  2. Think of all the fun they could have with this, all those billy cart competitions where the parents go mad! Maybe you could line the bottom of the street with haystacks for any slight mishaps.You know they are going to go down your street one day, what a challenge :)

    Fabulous set of wheels Anita. I want one!xx

  3. Great Billy Cart! - yes hilly Brisbane has probably caused a few hairy moments for Billy Cart drivers - and French Car drivers too lol.

  4. What fun! Bet your boys are going to have fun blinging this one up then racing it. mel x

  5. Commiserations with Jason on the car park post, having done that too. I swear it moved.

  6. That billy cart is the business! Too boyish for words.

    Can Jason suggest where one can source brogues for females? I'm on the hunt. I really need to source a stylist. Jason could be just the ticket!

  7. That's one handsome set of wheels! A very stylish ride, much more so than the scruffy one that adorned my driveway several years ago:-)

    Ps. I clicked your link and had a really good laugh over your Clouseau story! Thanks!!

  8. I suppose it was tough on Jason to be seen downsizing..hehe! I think I'd be a bit worried riding a billy cart on our hill here too...skateboarders have been seen beating the cars.

  9. Great set of wheels - I bet the boys love it! xx

  10. We must have similarly aged boys. How they love to "mod" everything. The tinkering seems almost as much fun as the riding. Don't forget the bandaids! We've gone through a bucketload this holiday.

  11. Lol too funny !!! would be cheaper to run into the pole with the go kart im thinking... hilarious and very resourceful I might add ...

  12. Our boys have been go-carting as well, not on one as good as that one though, awesome!

  13. Billycarts rock and your looks perfect for the Bangalow Billycart races. We went last year with a posse of kids and everyone had a ball hooning down the main street of Bangalow. It is on in early may and I couldn't recommend it as a fun and safe day (although it is a very early start...)


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