Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ouchflower tassels

I'm calling it. Tassels are the hottest decor item of the moment. And I'm not ashamed to hop on that bandwagon and 'tassel it up' at the Sow's Ear.

Today I received a parcel from Pippa from Ouchflower who is a tassel-maker and macrame-knotter extraordinaire. She was flogging off her tassels with free shipping on instagram last week and I knew it was my moment in the sun to snap up a tassel for myself.

Large tassel hanging off the study door in the sunroom at the moment.
I will probably hang it in our dining room art gallery wall 

They're just the coolest things I have seen. Pippa's tassels are made from natural twine which is then dip dyed in various shades. The twine is actually the left-overs of her macrame creations, which makes it an eco-product. From waste to art...you have to love the ethos behind it.

I love this small Ouchflower tassel which looks ever so cool in our front entry
I was so thrilled with my parcel, anyone would have thought that she sent me gold bullion. Making a home is about adding layers of texture and colour and that is precisely what Pippa's textile creations do.

My chartreuse tassels are right at home here.


  1. Love the juju hats! I want one-but can't decide on a colour! Is it from Table Tonic?

    The tassel is gorgeous too. Your hits of colour stand out so well against the white background.

  2. That looks just gorgeous! And so does the rest of what's in those photos:-) You chose my favorite "Pippa tassel- color", chartreuse. That dip dye is amazing, what a great effect! I so agree with what you're saying about adding layers of texture and color to make a home- so true!

  3. I was pumped when I received my tassels from Pippa as well. The next big thing in interiors is Copper. You read it first here. And would you believe it? Pippa's incorporating copper in her latest range. Forging new paths, Forging new paths.

  4. They are at home there, they look great! Good colour choice too :)

  5. That lovely Pippa's taking over the world I tell you! One (gorgeous) tassel at a time!

  6. You ladies are hilarious! ...big thanks Ms B for showing off the tassel! xx

  7. They look lovely in your lovely home!


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