Sunday, 18 July 2010

Outdoor furniture

image from here

While searching for suitable outdoor furniture to go on our covered back deck, I stumbled upon this. It is very simple, modern and sleek.

And thinking out loud, maybe two galvanised Tolix side chairs or cute Casala chairs for the ends would be cool.

tolix side chair

Casala chair circa 1970s

I like this outdoor setting very much, so it's a contender.


  1. Hi Anita, You have amazing taste! Love the sleek look of the wooden furniture. Hoping they will be within budget :)

  2. Love this setting and so easy to maintain.

  3. That looks wonderful, good for meals with elbows on the table (but I'd grab the chair...)

  4. That table and the two benches are perfect - simple, classy craftsmanship. Do go for them! If it were me, I'd team them with painted wooden chairs on either end, in an unexpected colour. Maybe one each in lemon and lime.

  5. Really like that wooden table. It will look great on your deck. Hope to see some pics soon.

  6. It's very classic and I agree, would look great with a couple of those tolix chairs. Very cool!

  7. I'm so with you on this! Love all of the choices.

  8. Fancy that - we have that setting pretty much identical in our back garden. It is wonderful but to be honest the wooden benches do get uncomfortable. You need something comfortable at either end for the hosts to sit on.. xoxo

  9. I like both the chairs but I just can't decide if I like them with the table and benches.
    Though I think that is partially because the the deck that is in the picture. If your deck has different colour planks to the table, I think either of the chairs will work.


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