Friday, 30 July 2010

Repurposing retro curtain fabric

Who has the lairiest clothesline in Brisbane?

Freshly laundered 1970s fabric

Well, that would be me.

I went to visit Mum yesterday because I hadn't been for a couple of weeks.

My parents are notorious hoarders (unfortunately, not all of it is good), but sometimes there is a stash of something in the back room that can be useful.

I see it as my filial duty to take something out of their house every visit, because I know it will be one less thing for my brothers and I to pack up when our parents go to hoarder heaven.

That's an awful selfish thought, isn't it?  You'd forgive me if you saw how much stuff they have never thrown out. Seriously.

Anyway, I always encourage Mum to de-clutter and she is always happier when stuff is moved out of the house.

1970s curtain fabric

Like old retro curtain fabric. I have a plan for these as I prepare for summer. Think outdoor colour for the deck. Perhaps some cushions...And this thick material is perfect for that.

My mum must also have ESP because she brought out this large bag with three Hari Krishna orange coloured cushions, which she picked up on sale from K-mart.

They were $1 each and she thought of me. Bless her thrifty hoarding heart. My visit was serendipitous.

(How did she know I've been thinking cushions? There is no way she reads the blog because she doesn't have a computer.. at least not one that works and from this century.)

Although they are not what I had envisioned, I'm definitely going to use them as they'll be very handy as inserts for when I eventually have cushion covers made.

Cushion riches! I'll keep you informed with very important cushion updates.


  1. that fabric is great. You know it looks just like Marrimekko. Great for deck cushions.

  2. I've told my mum not to throw anything out until I get a chance to make the trip to Newcastle..she sounds a bit like your mum. Thanks for the info yesterday..haven't been there for ages so must wander in again one day soon. Have a great weekend.

  3. How awesome, your post has reminded me that summer is just around the corner, what a fabulous addition to your deck these fabrics will make!!!

  4. Well done, it's great to score treasures like these. I have a room's worth of 1970'2 wallpaper that I scored from my parents, just can't figure out where to use it.

  5. Fabulous fabric! Thank goodness for hoarders!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. It sounds like you visited my inlaws...that fabric will be fantastic somewhere, I am sure as orange is so cool right now.

  7. All that orange looks juicy and refreshing. Tasty.

  8. love orange and the bright colours!! I get so tired of white and tan and grey!

  9. Secretly you must be very happy your Mum hoarded these great fabrics! What treasures.

  10. What a score! And you have a great amount of it too! Good on your Mum.

  11. That mum-daughter connection... How do mums always know everything without telling them?

  12. Very cool fabric! So your style and I love it :) Have a great weekend xo

  13. Hey Anita,Now that is sure warming up the back yard...very groovy!!! If you don't get around to doing or you find more I know a someone who is keen to get their hands on some retro curtains, cheers Katherine

  14. sweet fabric! i can SO relate to the "hoarding mum needs help or she will drown" thing...

  15. I love the colors of your fabric! Can't believe it's already August where you are. Have a great day :)

  16. ohh la la love me some of that :) le

  17. I've been meaning to mention that every time I go op shopping or to the markets I see tonnes of stuff I think you would like. I've been resisting the urge to purchase little bits and pieces for you because that would be weird :-) There are so many cool modern things out there that would look terrible here but just seem to speak your language. You've obviously shared your style well on here :-)


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