Monday, 28 March 2011

E S Traders at Ipswich

I had the best day today.

Katherine, from theoldboathouse, and I went to visit Jo, from Desire to Inspire, in her new home in Ipswich (40 minutes west of Brisbane).

Wow! Jo lives in an amazing 1860s stone cottage in a lovely part of the world. She gave us the grand tour of her home in its pre-renovation state. It is an incredible space made even more incredible with her art, designer furniture and various collections of glass, ceramics and tribal artifacts.

Her home drips with style, even with the walls in its scraped back state ready for painting. I should have taken photos but we were too busy chatting to bother with the camera.

I was also the beneficiary of a car boot load of Scandinavian goodies, because Jo was doing a cupboard cleanse. Thanks Jo!!!!

Later in the day we hit the shops and Jo introduced us to Kerry who owns a design boutique called ES Traders tucked in a lane way in Ellenborough Street. Again wow!

I thought we were in a lane way in Melbourne, rather than in Ipswich. Who knew Ipswich was so edgy?

The shop, which is housed in an industrial shed, has only been open for a couple of weeks, but I tell you, it has excellent one-off furniture and architectural pieces, exquisite white-on-white hand embroidered bed linen, 1950s woolen Japanese kimonos and fabulous religious iconography and more.

Here are a few photos of the what we saw in ES Traders:

Vintage woolen kimonos

antique chaise 


Enormous Venetian mirror

French lucky dip prizes

Wrought iron candelabras and vintage lanterns
Vintage Apothecary bottles

Vintage clock faces
Although I like a mod aesthetic, I was still blown away by this beautifully curated shop. It is definitely worth a look if you love beautiful things.

After taking in a few excellent op-shops (more on that in another post), drinking great coffee and visiting ES Traders, Ipswich is top of the list for a fun day out.

ES Trader's website is not online yet.
The shop is at 17C Ellenborough St, Ipswich. Email is
It is at the end of a lane way near the coffee shop. There are no signs.


  1. Oh I am envious, sounds like the perfect sort of day.

  2. Ipswich, who knew? No, i sort of do because of Glen & Grants shop, Vintage Advantage, I wonder if you went there too?

  3. It sounds like a fabulous day, full of inspiration,I was excited just reading what you got up to. I find that the best days are the ones filled with unexpected surprises.

  4. Lovely photos. Would love to have the mirror, so unique and beautiful.

  5. Looks like an amazing shop and thanks for the tip! Sounds like you enjoyed fabulous company and explored Ipswich to the max.

    Pam x

  6. I'm impressed. I was born in Ipswich and I can assure you that the old town was never this classy when I was a kid. I'm so happy to see the positive changes.

  7. The best kind of day - good company, new discoveries!

  8. That's an awful lot of good reasons to go to Ipswich!

  9. What a great day! I'd have loved to sticky beak in Jo's home. Will you show us your goodies?
    Ipswich looks like the place to be!

  10. Would love to see the Scandinavian stuff!

  11. Sounds like a fun girls day out. I must make make the treck one day and visit Ipswich. Glad you had a nice day with Katherine and Jo. ;-)

  12. Yes it was such a fun day! Thanks so, so much to you both...Have fun organising your incredible "Jo booty" today ha...casserole for tea perhaps ?.

  13. What a wonderful way to spend the day, it sounds like you had a great time! xx

  14. We did have a fab day didn't we. So glad I slaved over the cleaning of my new old very dusty house now that you called it stylish. Blushing. I call it over stuffed with too many things :P Think we need to invite more people next time and we can have morning tea and a "take away lots of Jo's unwanted stuff" day. Remember I still have to get rid of the couch from hell! On another note I can't wait till Kerrie is online both shop website and blogging because everyone is just going to be so inspired by her. Passion and fabulous taste are a heady combination.

  15. You should have popped in to me too...I live just around the corner!! Did you check out the antique centre and Province too?

  16. LUCKY! I want a tour of Jo's new house! Actually, I'd just love to FINALLY meet Jo!

  17. Divine shop. Can't wait to check it out.

  18. Jo, thanks again. You realise you have guaranteed yourself a free lunch every time we catch up. You are too generous!
    Katherine, maybe an Irish stew?
    Kitty, Vintage Advantage was closed yesterday. Boo! It will be on the list when I next visit Ipswich. And of course you knew about this well kept secret!
    MMMC, there is a post planned about the Scandi booty!
    Ani, we were talking about you yesterday. We will drag you with us next time I'm in town!
    Kim, we were very lucky! You won't be disappointed when you meet Jo and see her home. She is one stylish lady!

  19. Looking forward to seeing the Scandi stuff - super jel x


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