Friday, 11 March 2011

Danish teardrop and exterior light

Carlo the Electrician sent Warwick the Electrician to the Sow's Ear to fit some lights today.

The Danish teardrop light which I bought last year was finally hung. It is in the room that Son #2 and Son #3 share. 

This bedroom is in its un-renovated state. It is always in a state of disarray. Always. And if it is tidy, it only lasts a mere few minutes.

The new light doesn't look fabulous at the moment, but it will. When the room and ceiling are painted in our signature bright white and we re-arrange the decor in the room, it will tie in much better. You must have faith in me.

Danish teardrop light
Warwick told me that he throws out light fittings like this all the time when they refit an entire house. Apparently, the owners no longer want them. I wept silent tears when he said that to me.

Below is an image of the old light fitting. The shade was just an el-cheapo white plastic thing which, from my perspective, just highlighted the ugly compact fluro light bulb. At least now, the bulb is hidden from sight.

Old light shade

Warwick also fitted the exterior lights which I ordered on very short notice. I ordered them yesterday afternoon via email and picked them up at 6:30 this morning from the electrical store. Lucky I'm an early riser.

They are just small and simple and the light is ambient. The ceiling is yet to be completed in terms of painting and other finishing off bits, but at least we have light out there in the meantime.

Exterior ceiling light 


  1. How do you keep all your son's mess in their room and not let it escape into the lounge room?

    I am on some kind of capital-M 'Mission' this weekend to clean my house which I seem to do, to no avail, every weekend.

    I repeat; How do you keep their mess out of your lounge room? Actually, where is your tv?

    PS Love the teardrop by-the-way ... symbolic when one thinks of your silent tears. I'll write a song for you: "Silent tears sparked by thrown out tear drops ... " It won't make the dance charts.

  2. Looks good and I love the paintings over the beds! And here is another tip for you. I was told this just the other day by a friend. Use a paint that repels mould for your external ceiling. Apparently all the humid weather we are having is causing major mould issues with her outdoor area. Maybe that kitchen and bathroom ceiling paint would be the one to use? Just a suggestion. ;-)

  3. I love your light shade...very bulbous :) I had a lovely lampshade in my old townhouse that you would have loved. The new owners have probably ditched it!

  4. All the new lights indoor and out look great. I think the exterior ones are a great choice. I also adore the ceiling rose, it's beautiful! Have a lovely weekend x

  5. The tear drop looks great- do the boys appreciate their lighting fixture? Love your somewhat art nouveau ceiling rose by the way- really suits the style of the tear drop as well.

  6. I would've wept silent tears too - to think of them all ending up as landfill. Most upsetting.

    On the bright side look how great your pendant looks!!! And that ceiling rose is gorgeous! I just love that you're enhancing all of the original features of the home - it's coming along so well.x

  7. It's so sad to throw away light fixtures. Surely they could send them to a restore. Your boys' room looks so neat and tidy! I love their beds.

  8. Little things make such a big difference. I love the outside ones you chose. The boys room is such a great size. Hope you have a fun weekend. cheers Katherine

  9. You're really restoring your home with so much love and thought into each detail.
    You see I'd not be as good as I can't cope without a ceiling fan and would put one in. They the best for our climate, but bad on the eye.

  10. So simple yet so lovely(light),that ceiling rose is beautiful!I think the mould-free paint is called Microban?

  11. I have a fetish for high ceilings and beautiful cornices. I think it's all going to look amazing!
    Awesome blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
    Following you now with GFC.
    You can find me over at:

  12. I love the teardrop pendant - and have total faith in how great the boys room will look once painted. Such a nice space - big room, high stud. How sad that so many don't appreciate lovely fittings like these.
    Amanda xx

  13. The Danish teardrop light is gorgeous! Fellow Queensland Renovator now following :-)


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