Tuesday, 13 September 2011


old Fiskars weeder

It's Spring and I've been battling the scourge of the broad-leaf weed that has infiltrated our poor excuse for a lawn. I'm being eco and have pulled the weeds out with our trusty Fiskars weeding thingamajig. (Man, I can't believe this is the sum of my life at the moment!)

Anyway, the weeder thing is fantastic for uprooting weeds without having to bend your back.It's like a claw on a stick.

It was a gift for Jason many moons ago but it seems I am the one who uses it the most. The "claw' comes out at the beginning of every spring to make sure the weeds don't overtake the lawn when it gets warmer.

And apparently there is a newer, sexier model of  the claw which has lethal stainless steel prongs. Thoughts of upgrading went through my mind and then I realised I needed to get a life.

Bindi weed is starting to peek through our lawn too. I've been hand weeding that but I think I may have to resort to chemical weaponry, especially on our nature strip because there are just too many to pull out.

And this is the time of year to do it before they develop their prickles. So, is anyone else madly weeding?


  1. I must admit to resorting to Round Up as lots and lots of weeds here (in some places more weeds than garden plants)

  2. Now where did that year go? You know you are grown up when you are fantasizing about garden tools.

  3. Ha! I agree with Katherine. This is very much you know you're an adult when...
    I did a huge weed a few weeks back, followed by a huge mulch. I'm just watching my bark chip ready to pounce on any green weed that dares raise it's head. Yes I need a life too.

  4. lawn sand is what I'm going to try this year... I think Gardening Australia's website has a recipe. It's great for broadleaf weeds. But our bindiis... we've got a lawn-full in our new house...

  5. I'm impressed not only with the weeder but that you're doing it! I hate weeding so much - I'd rather clean a toilet!

  6. Absolutely..the dog brings in the prickly seeds on his coat..I pull them off and bin them before they grow in the garden! Prevention is better than cure.


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