Sunday, 29 January 2012

Study before and after

Another room down. 

Jason found the study to be the most frustrating room to work on because it was poorly constructed in the first place. Nothing is square and it was rough as guts. 

It still is, but that's an old house for you. It would quickly lose its appeal if we tried to make it into the Taj Mahal. It's come a long way though from how it used to be.

The only thing left to do is to source a suitable light fitting for the ceiling. Anyway, here are the after shots. 

View of study from the sunroom.
The architraves around the windows were replaced and made to match the rest of the house.  The two chairs are Danish Quality Furniture (DQF) which were made in Brisbane.

New brass fittings (which caused so many tears last week) on the old casement windows 

quad was used around the walls as skirting  - to seal the gap from floor board to wall.
Jason built floor to ceiling book shelves last year in a dead space in the corner of the room.
We've centred the desk under the window when we decluttered the study.
We also moved all the electrical points lower to the ground, there used to be one power point at waist height near the door. 
It's nice to be able to open the two doors of the study to get a nice breeze on hot still days.

A fresh coat of paint in the study made a world of difference. We used Dulux wash and wear for the walls
and gloss white for the doors and windows. We scraped the cream paint off the old door knobs. Jason then polished the copper plate

 And here are the before shots:

This photo was taken just before we moved into the Sow's Ear in 2009.  It's very crude in its construction.
On our first inspection of the Sow's Ear there was a large wardrobe blocking one of the two doorways. It was used as a craft room but it was basically a junk room.

Bodgy wood work

We put the desk close to this wall because of the lack of power points in the room. We also had a set of  book shelves on the other side of the desk

We've put these shelves in Jason's hobby room under the house
It's a gorgeous room now - such a pleasure to blog in the new headquarters.

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  1. Wow, Anita. That just looks amazing. What a wonderful space for you to blog and write. Congratulations to another successful renovation job complete.

  2. Fun and Vjs's HQ looking very groovy and tidy! Thw floors look awesome as well. Loving that desk. What's next? xx

  3. thanks Fiona and Pam. What's next? if the rain stops it will be painting the underneath of the deck! xx

  4. You've really done a great job there it looks wonderful. Old houses throw up their challenges but with the talent of you two you're cracking it!

  5. Can Jase come and scrape some paint off some door handles in our house please? The mind still boggles as to why people paint them. Study looks fabulous!

  6. 'Rough as guts' - you Ozzies have a brilliant way of turning a phrase. Somehow Jason has turned the room from something that looks like the bridge of the Marie Celeste into an office that Sigmund Freud would have been proud of.

  7. It looks fab! Well done to Jason. Bet he didn't take a day off to celebrate though?

    TDM xx

  8. It looks wonderful. Those windows are gorgeous! Well done Jason.

  9. It's a beautiful room now, tranquil and dignified. And it certainly doesn't look rough. Many happy hours of blogging to all those who sail in her.

  10. The study looks stunning now. The windows look completely different. You have such a house to be proud of! Good work Jason (and Anita of course!)

  11. It looks fantastic, another excellent makeover! ;-)

  12. I love your study. And I especially love that fabulous built in book case. You two are so clever!

  13. I love it! It looks so fresh and clean and "user friendly".
    Well done

  14. wow, that is an excellent job, looks fantastic. love your desk too darl, had my eye on one of those a while ago. wish i'd got it now. love the mellow colour of the timber of yours.


  15. Oh oh ... the only thing you need to source is a new light ... I'm worried!!!

    Anonymous Natalie
    BTW ... study looks great ... very inspiring.

  16. It looks so good! Everything looks really schmick now and what great windows! Xx

  17. Love!! Just looks so fresh and light compared to be before pics! Brings me back to the reno of our Queenslander!! Love cushion on chair too!!

  18. It's beautiful Anita, so fresh and organised. A pleasure to be in I am sure.

  19. Thanks everyone!!
    Anon Natalie, it will be a challenge to get a light fitting that we will both like!! xx

  20. Oh Anita, it looks lovely! Would a Pistillo light work??

  21. You know Helen, I've been looking at a light that is similar in shape...xx


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