Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Let there be roof!

Today, Mr D and Scotty finished off the roof over our new stairs. And it is looking great. We couldn't be happier with the final result. I'll let the images do the talking though...

view from the sunroom

back view of the new stairs and roof

Protected stairs
side view of the sunroom side of the Sow's Ear

Let the painting begin!


  1. Very very nice! I would love to visit your place to see it in person. When you look at what you guys have achieved it really is amazing!

  2. Hello:
    Such speed! We are deeply impressed both with the short time taken and the quality of the work.

  3. Lookin good! More painting :)

  4. The roof looks really good. Properly finishes off that side of the house, as well as being practical.

  5. Very nice indeed. Will there be a video of you walking down in a trailing ballgown?

  6. The new roof really adds interest to that side of your house. Will it cut out some of the heat of the sun as well..'cos that would be a benefit won't it, as summer comes on?

  7. Perfectly integrated, it looks as though it has always been there.

    When are you going to switch to calling your house the Silk Purse?

  8. Looks great - not more painting!!!!!

  9. Wow- it looks brilliant!

    Get the brushes out :)

  10. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    That is absolutely fabulous!!!
    Great job

  11. Looks wonderful,Boys available for quality work,but just wait till my deck is done..... will work on the shirt removing.

  12. It looks great but you do realise what a let down the painting is going to be with Jason swanning around in that hi vis gear instead of shirtless. mel x


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