Sunday, 9 September 2012

Roof for the external stairs

Work began on the roof for our side stairs late last week. 

Mr D and Scotty returned after having some time off between building projects. These lads are such hard workers. They are well-oiled machines. If only they would discard their shirts Jason-style (his pre hi-vis days), this whole project could be called perfection...

In this image, the main support post and framework was erected
The new roof line will help break up the mass of the weatherboards on this side of the Sow's Ear. Traditionally Queenslanders sit on stumps and are not usually enclosed with weatherboards to ground level. It can look odd when homes of this type are weatherboarded all the way to the bottom...

progress on new roof framework

We are planning to use the downstairs area of our house as extra living space as our boys grow and mature. Building a roof over the stairs is our cheat's way of obtaining indoor/outdoor access without cutting into the existing internal layout of the Sow's Ear.

It will keep relatively dry during wet weather and if we get fancy we can enclose the structure with vertical slats or lattice. The image below is an illustrative example of what I mean

vertical slats enclosing external stairs
This week the tin roof, guttering and barge roll will be installed and hopefully this project will be another one ticked off the list!


  1. Hello:
    Gosh, this is all happening at an incredible pace. For some reason or another we were under the impression that the roof on the stairs would not even be started for some time to come. Now it seems soon to be finished!!

  2. That's looking unreal! Definitely vertical slats down the side of the stairs.

    I hope you sold some more stock after we left on Saturday. We're loving the Star Wars dudes!


  3. I have such stair envy. Send those boys our way!
    Sorry to have missed the AGM with MMMC!

  4. I was wondering how you'd do it - it's such fun watching other people work!

  5. Awesome - those stairs are a great way of linking the upper and lower levels (sometimes retrofitting internals look clumsy and take up too much space.) If we keep our house, wait and see what I have planned for it - an external corridor! xx

  6. Love the slats on the bottom photo. Sorry I missed the flea market, I got to the homeshow then realised I missed it, dam! I was really looking forward to it....anything 'pineapple' left over?

  7. Nice work, I am watching what happens next.... ;-)

  8. My Nan had back stairs like that. I can remember being it a nice place to sit as it was shaded and cool. Looking good!

  9. It's coming along so well. The weather is really warming up, surely Shirtless Jason will be making a return soon....

  10. If only I could achieve half of what you guys do - it's amazing. That floor space and side access will be worth it's weight in gold x

  11. That's a good idea to install that roof on the stairway. Not only it would give your home a distinct look, but it also protects your stairs from rainwater, thus protecting it from water damage. Just make sure that it is properly guttered. Flashes should be installed correctly so that there wouldn't be any leaks during heavy rainfall.

  12. Why am I just now finding your blog? You have such an amazing house...and a houseful of beautiful mid-century furnishings. I'm going to love watching all you do to the house.


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