Saturday, 31 August 2013

Weekend at Sow's Ear

Heaven help us! Jason's got man-flu.

Looks like the plan for painting this weekend is on hold. There were grand ideas about Jason painting shirtless for everyone's viewing pleasure but that shall have to wait until he's recovered sufficiently to move again. Because man-flu is clearly one step away from death it would seem...

I'm still on a mission with poisoning all the bindii this weekend. There were a few areas I missed. Don't you just hate that!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy day...last day of winter and all.


  1. Tell Jason to get well soon. And I hope you don't get the woman-flu, because men seldom think it's as serious as least, in my experience. :)

  2. Sow's Ear is looking as pretty as a pearl these'll have to think of a new name soon! Get well soon Jason!

  3. Oh dear not the dreaded man flu, best put him to bed for a week! We don't want him all pale and sickly for the shirtless shots. mel x

  4. I have a large pot of homemade chicken-broth here ready to post to poor Jason, in case his serious condition isn't taken seriously in his home country. Europe will rally round.

  5. Don't rub it in.. last day of summer here :(


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