Monday, 19 August 2013

Zoila's grave

With the advent of technology, it has become a lot easier to find information online, from the comfort of home. For those who have been following our home renovation story, a small part of the saga relates to the original owners of the Sow's Ear - the Stables family. You can read the back log of the Sow's Ear's history here if you are interested in such things.

Tonight I thought I'd run a Google search on Zoila Stables, the eldest and most intriguing of the three siblings who first owned the Sow's Ear in 1928. I search every few months to see if any new records are updated onto the web.

And tonight I finally found the location of Zoila's grave and the date of her death - one of the main things I wanted to know. It was almost like a blow to the heart to see her name on the screen. Even though I knew she was no longer alive, the finality of finding her resting place made me shed a sentimental tear. I've become quite enmeshed in her life/history since we moved here four years ago; it seems so strange to have an attachment to this woman.

Her memorial plaque is located on the other side of Brisbane in Albany Creek, so very far away from Mt Thompson Crematorium in Mount Gravatt where the rest of the Stables family are located. She died on 9 November 1987.

Zoila Stables memorial plaque
image from here

One thing that needs to be noted, is Zoila was born on 26 August 1898, so she was actually 89 years old when she died.

I still have so many questions about this family and hopefully one day I will have them answered...


  1. It's wonderful that you found the information you've been looking for. I don't know why it's so meaningful to learn things about former owners of our homes. I suppose it solidifies our ties with our home's history. I recently found out that the original owner of my home was a banker, not an Air Force officer as I had guessed. It was nice to put an occupation to the name...made him more real somehow.

    1. Thanks Dana. Yes, finding out the history of the house just makes me like it more...given the fact I wanted a MCM house originally. xx

  2. Wow- that is sad. I have been so interested in the side story, and would love to do some similar research on my house...

    Create a Google alert for your search terms, Google will then email you when there is fresh content on the web.

  3. Wow - sad but interesting. Is there a Brisbane archives site where you can find information about your local area? Would love to know more about my place.

  4. Spooky. Mum was born in 1928 in Moorooka and her parents were cremated at Mt Thompson Crem. I lived in Albany Creek 1985 - 1989. I wonder where Zoila was living before she died? The house we bought in Sydney was subdivided in 1928. So many parallel lines!

    Jennifer xx

  5. I wonder why the confusion with the age?

  6. It's nice to see the history of the house being researched and shared. We are fortunate enough with our house to know much of its history, thanks to the neighbor next door who has lived their for 50 years, and yet there is still much to learn. I'm sure Zoila would be chuffed with what Jason and you have done with the house, and in the home that it provides for your family.

    Cheers, Col

  7. Good research Brismod - I understand your mixed feelings on finding this. I may be able to dig up some more info on the Stables for you, just let me know.


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