Thursday, 12 December 2013

Homemade mango ice cream

Nothing says summer more than a tray of ripe mangoes on the kitchen bench. We've been feasting on the sweet juicy orange flesh for the past week while the boys are on school holidays.

With the excess mangoes in the Sow's Ear we decided to make mango ice cream. There is nothing better than ice cream with a sweet mango tang. It is so delicious and we've been enjoying this homemade treat for the past two days.

A scoop of homemade mango ice cream

I have a confession: we have an ice cream maker which we don't use as often as we should...but it does get more of a work out in the summer months, particularly to make frozen yoghurts.

I stumbled upon a mango ice cream recipe while Googling with wild abandon - I wanted something fairly quick and easy which I could make with the kids. I had to bastardise the recipe somewhat as I didn't have everything on the recipe list and it worked out very well indeed.

This is a very simple recipe, as you don't need to cook a custard or wait for it to cool. It's just a blend and churn recipe. The key I think is to have something 'citrussy' to cut the sweetness of the mango (lemon and limes do the trick, while orange would add a different dimension). I also used cold mangoes straight from the fridge. You can be mean with the amount of sugar required - mangoes are sweet enough without adding any excess sugar.

This is a recipe which I tweaked and can confidently say works; it makes approximately 1.5 litres of ice cream.

Homemade mango ice cream

3 ripe medium sized mangoes
juice of one large lime
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2/3 cups sugar (scant cups)
2/3 cup of low fat milk
2/3 cup of thickened cream (generous cups)

Cut the flesh from the mango and put it in a blender. Add all the other ingredients except the cream and blend until completely smooth. It should almost be the consistency of a thick smoothie. Afterwards gently fold in the thickened cream.

I used our Kitchenaid ice cream attachment to churn the mango ice cream. Everything needs to be super-chilled to get to that ice cream-like consistency. It took about 20 minutes of churning on low speed to make the ice cream.

Pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and churn until it becomes thick and an ice-cream consistency. Pour into a container (I used a retro Tupperware container) and freeze until set. Et voila! Mango ice cream.

Retro Tupperware comes in handy!
We've almost finished the ice cream...we're on one scoop rations to make it last.
But it is so easy to make; I'll probably make more tomorrow.


  1. Get yourself a 'Yonanas' machine. No sugar or cream involved. Just feed in frozen fruit. Made in seconds and easy clean up afterwards. We have certainly got our money's worth with ours and husband has become the 'Yonanas Guru!'

    1. Oh awesome. I've never heard of it before. Thanks for letting me know Anonymous. xx

  2. I love mango ice cream and can't wait to try your recipe. I've been wanting an ice cream machine for ages, and this gives me the perfect excuse to buy one.

    My SIL wants one of the Yonanas machines. Several months ago, I found the recipe for banana ice cream that has nothing but frozen bananas in it and made it for the boys, and now he makes it for them all the time.

    1. It is good - so much nicer than store bought. I stick to the quick and easy recipes because I'm more likely to want to make it! Frozen yoghurt is so easy too. Xx

  3. Thanks for the post! I've been drooling over your instagram pic!!! I never knew an ice-cream maker attachment was available for the kitchen aid. I must tell Santa!

    1. Oh thanks. I was elated when I found the attachment and it is about the only one that I would realistically use - given the sweet tooth I have! Hope Santa will be generous - I bought mine online as it was worked out to be cheaper. xx

  4. Oh my, that looks and sounds so incredibly delicious!! Mangoes are my favorite fruit! We get them over here, but there's nothing like the ones you can get where they grow locally. I've actually had my husband bring me mangoes and green curry from Bangkok whenever he has those flights...
    Thank you so much for posting the recipe, I'll definitely try it!! xx

    1. Oh yes, mangoes wouldn't be something you would have regularly in Norway! We do take for granted all the fabulous tropical fruits we grow here. It's a good recipe. xx


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