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Tudor Revival Brisbane

When one thinks of subtropical Brisbane architecture, the furtherest image from my mind is the Tudor revival style of architecture. It's odd to think at some point in time, in our notoriously hot and humid climate, these homes would've been even considered remotely comfortable...

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There are pockets in Brisbane where you can find this tribute to ye olde England. This form of domestic architecture, sometimes called Mock Tudor or English Revival,  was particularly popular during the interwar period, the 1920s and 1930s, and some great examples still exist in Coorparoo, New Farm, Hamilton and Chelmer.

A Tudor revival style home was considered a statement of wealth and prosperity and according to Brisbane between the Wars it was popular among the nouveaux riche and was often described as 'Stockbroker Tudor'.

Typically, Tudor revival style in Brisbane is constructed from masonry and features a terracotta tiled roof...although you do find the odd timber and tin variety as well.

Tudor revival home in Hamilton
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There is a Tudor-style home currently for sale in Greenslopes (the facade faces Logan Road and so it is an instantly recognisable home for those hooning around the southside) and it was the inspiration for this post. This style of home doesn't comes up for sale very often and it is a lovely example. Apparently this home is circa 1922.

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Call me bourgeois, I personally find these homes to be quaint and attractive...I guess it is because they appear to be well-built and they also give a snapshot of former time in Brisbane. In this day and age of air-conditioning, seeking comfort from Brisbane's searing summers would no longer an issue in a Tudor-style house...


  1. I really like them too. I have known a few in my time and their lay-outs were intriguing as well. Did you here that the Taringa House which was recently on the market has been demolished?

    1. Nooooo! I'm very sad to hear that. Very, very sad...

  2. Such beautiful restorations! We have Tudor style homes here in Fort Worth too, and I've always thought they were lovely.


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