Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another ad...


Nat Duncan from Qld Film Locations called today and said she'd be putting forward our bedroom for a TV commercial. The ad is for a weight loss company.

How apt. I need to lose a few kilos. Perhaps it's a sign I should cut back on the doughnuts?

Nat said the producers need a master bedroom. She's putting forward about 40 different bedroom options, so our actual chances are slim (pardon the pun!).

Master bedroom shot taken earlier this year

Master bedroom built-in cupboards

Apparently, hipster homes are what it is all about for this particular weight loss ad. Ha! Hipster? We'll wait and see if we make the grade.


  1. Your bedroom would be perfect - chic and uncluttered and has an impact, but not so much of a shouty impact that it would take away from the all-important weight-loss message. It's looking very well.

  2. Wow now tell me as I am now curious how did you get involved in all this ad caper? The fence and now the room never thought about people doing that before.I hope you get the role tho xxx

  3. Hipster homes, slim chances - hilarious! My fingers are crossed for you xx

  4. Good for you! I hope you get picked.

  5. Hope the audition goes well. With those amazing windows, how could they even look at another alternative. xx

  6. I can see myself contemplating weight-loss shakes in that room. Prior to forgetting all about such notions and heading to the kitchen.
    Bummer about your lamp!

  7. Hipster...very cool!! Could it be the sow's ear has the perfect mix of tradition, retro mid century chic and 21st century style...? I think YES baby!! I can hear Mr Rooney scoffing and humpfing ha Fingers crossed xx Katherine

  8. I hope to see those amazing windows on the ad! That Tahitian bedspread caught my eye, do you mind me asking where you got it from?
    Have a great long weekend

  9. Zoila will be pleased her old digs are now officially hipster. Good luck with the ad. I saw your other ad everywhere after it was released. melx

  10. Anita, looks like the ad might be going Pullenvale's way..... big old Qlder bedroom (similar to yours actually!) but we had to find something close to a Pullenvale kitchen the director quite likes...
    More logistics and aesthetics!
    Love your blog!

  11. Are they about a 1950's built ins? They kinda look like mine that were installed in I guess late 50's/early 60's. I can't wait to build VJ BIN's that will suit the room more.

  12. No these are a much later addition...maybe 1990s?


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