Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The haunted lamp

Eerily, I disturbed someone or something with my post last night about the new funky lamp and its spooky connection.

One of the tall glass shades smashed into pieces earlier this morning.

Broken lamp shade: it had already had a past repair on it so it was never going to survive another accident.
Yesterday, I had been tinkering with the lamp socket because it was a bit wobbly. I tried to tighten the screw securing it in place but I think I inadvertently made it looser. When I put the glass shade back into the holder it seemed as secure as it ever was.

I was lulled into a false sense of security because this morning the entire lamp socket fell to one side and the shade slipped out of its holder. I was in the next room when it happened.


How cross I am with myself! The thing is completely worthless, now it has a missing shade! It seems I have a vintage lighting curse on me after the chandelier fiasco.

shadeless standard lamp.
I was able to fix the holder which is now very secure on the stem. Too little, too late.

Then Katherine's comment on my last post about ghosts attaching themselves to the lamp and what Zoila thought of the lamp came back to haunt me.

Perhaps I should not mock or write tongue-in-cheek-posts about things I don't the super-natural.



  1. Mate I would have wet myself and that lamp wouyld be so way out of my house by now lol.Never mind am sure all bloggy friends will lok out for similar shaped lamp or maybe you can befriend a glassmaker?

  2. Supernatural - balls.

    You need to remember

    Righty tighty

    Lefty loosey.

    Go and give your head a wobble

  3. Oh, if only Brisbane Extra was still one tv ... Jack Sims'd be over in a jiffy doing a story for Rick Burnett on your possessed lamp. And he'd narrate it in his eery voice and there'd be lots of fake fog wafting through the Sow's Ear for extra effect!

    (I'd go back to him and demand your money back!)

  4. Oh no! You have had some serious bad luck with the lighting in your house. If another one goes, or your Stations of the Cross fly off the wall, you might need to call Jack Sims in..seriously. Tam x

  5. Hmmm, spooky! Maybe you need a visit from an exorcist??

  6. What a deliciously creeepy couple of posts!! It's too bad about your new found treasure though...

    And is it just me or does Jack bare a striking resemblance to Jack White (sans white pancake)??

  7. But . . . what if the hunky SuperNatural brothers come to save you, that would be well worth a ghostly light encounter surely??!! Love Posie

  8. Blimey - you've even got Mr Rooney to comment. I'm surprised he has the time (or the energy).

    We have a haunted toilet bowl in this house.

  9. The question should be "What is it with you and ugly lighting these days?" Sorry to have to say it again, but that is one ugly light!!! Someone has done you another favour!!! I'm surprised Mr Rooney (the one with great taste in design) hasn't added a cheeky comment.
    P.S. Sorry if I have offended you again ... but I only speak the truth.

  10. Maybe you should do a broken lamp of the week feature on your blog.

  11. I know exactly how you feel. On the night of the royal wedding, I opened a cupboard door and 2 cups from my grandmother's totally complete vintage dinner set fell from the cupboard and broke the handles! I wanted to cry! And the weird thing was that it was not even near the edge of the shelf! Freaky!!

  12. Anonymous Natalie, believe it or not, I was thinking of you as I wrote this post. I thought to myself, "Anonymous Natalie won't be sorry to see this lamp break..."
    It will now be my life's work to find a light that you will give a tick of approval.

    Tom, our toilet is haunted too.

    Brissiemum2, doesn't it make you sick when something irreplaceable breaks?


  13. As well as being a beacon of class and good taste, I'm a better go go dancer than Brismmod as well.


  14. Fiction Mr Rooney, Fiction ha! I doubt very much your go go abilities so I propose a "dance off"!! Yes it is the only far way to solve this. I believe your knees will be far to knobbly to pose any serious threat to the performer that is known as Ms Brismod. Plus she has that long pony tail to swing you only have a nail belt...which we know is better suited to a different style of dancing. Double Bugger about the lamp, you will have to talk to Zoila about any future light installations...this story may make Wazza happy though ha xx Katherine

  15. You are well behind the loop boathouse.

    In the Brismod go go photo, I'm the one on her left. I'm surprised you didn't pick it.

    Just said goodbye to your brother. He roared off into the night on his chopper looking a lot like 'Toecutter' from Mad Max.

    Keep warm

  16. There is definitely something going on with lighting over at your place isn't there. Perhaps Zoila would prefer candles? Or you could just blame it all on Wazza. melx

  17. Mel, I do think it's a curse. And I do blame Wazza.

    Katherine, you should've seen Mr Rooney do the Barracuda. He owned that stage. xx

  18. I am honoured. I love everything else you do ... it is just the lighting I hate. In a couple of days I'm heading to New York for two weeks so will catch up on your shenanigans when I return. Be good (and try and find some tasteful lighting for me to critique when I get back).

  19. Enjoy NY, Anon Natalie. Lucky you. If you wanted to buy me a souvenir, I'm partial to big yellow spaghetti lights... xx


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