Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend warrior injuries

No need to worry. Jason hasn't had an accident or anything this weekend.

The title is inspired by an article in today's Sunday Mail about "hapless do-it-yourself buffs ending up in hospital" while doing repairs or renovating.

Research indicates that the majority of DIY hospital admissions is from ladder falls. That's a whopping 48 per cent of DIYers toppling down every weekend.

This is quite topical for us as Jason is up a ladder every weekend painting the exterior of the Sow's Ear. He hasn't fallen yet...touch wood.

You can read the article here if you are interested.

We have had our share of injuries while working on the Sow's Ear. The worst of it was a visit to emergency with Mr Rooney, our unlucky builder, who sustained an injury to his eye earlier this year. You can read about it here.

Jason's only suffered a few minor bumps and bruises - often self-inflicted.

When he was working on the bookshelf a few weekends ago, he drilled through his hand with his brand spanking new cordless drill. Fortunately, he didn't dig in too deeply and it has healed very well.

It's the hammering the finger routine which Jason has finely tuned. The blackened finger nail testament to his fubars - OPI must do a nail polish colour for those after that Builder's Chic.

Jason's black finger nail
The article was a reminder that we can be too casual about our safety while working around the house. Healthy precautions aren't ever wasted .


  1. I heard those statistics as well. I suppose I'm one of them, falling off the ladder and knocking myself out. Not fun.
    Wow, Jason's fingernail looks a bit beastly! I agree, it pays to be safe :)

  2. yeah, I think i have that OPI colour. But ouchers, that's got to hurt. Good reminder about reno safety though for me, particularly as i have a 10 year old and a 13 yr old who both think they need to own a sledgehammer for our upcoming adventures!

    thanks for the best wishes darl. hope you have a brilliant week xx

  3. Owzies, not the finger, that's like a paper cut, always the worse!! Love Posie

  4. It is very similar in our house too! ;-)

  5. He drilled through his hand and there was not a blog post about this? What editing process is going on over there at the sow's ear? No wonder you did not win that super blogger award recently- leaving out all the sensationalist hype!
    By mention of ladders, I posted that Legoman is a complete kutzpah on that recent tree hacking down post. Well what I did not go back and add was that as he hacked down a huge branch it fell and broke the bottom rung of his steel extension ladder- the rung is completely folded in two. Hopeless but at least all body parts intact.

  6. Actually you can hurt yourself church this morning some papers fell out of my bible, I bent over to get them and knocked my forehead on the chair in front of me and now have a stripey bruise on it! LOL!

  7. Oh I saw that article... doesn't surprise me! That is one nasty fingernail injury. A-M xx

  8. This is why we watch the block!Ha

  9. Jason is a dead set Reno Warrior!


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