Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fun painting vs dull painting

I get all the fun painting jobs in the Sow's Ear.

Like spray painting the boys' letters which hang in their room. Quick, easy and fun.

R is for Son #3 who likes blue
 We were also given two old clip-on bedside lamps from a friend whose children have outgrown them. Love the primary colours. The lamps will look better against the walls when we repaint the room white.
F is for Son #2 who likes "gween"
 And poor Jason gets all the dull painting jobs.

Like painting the newly constructed bookshelves in the study this evening.

And the rest!

Jason has a new painting t-shirt - aka the tent.


  1. Gosh, I didn't recognise Jason! I actually thought you'd got the kids on the job. Sorry Jason, we are just used to seeing you look like that. Must be getting a bit nipply up there in Brissy? X

  2. There is no dull painting over here at Betsy's as every scrap of custard that gets painted over is a very happy happy moment. Do like your fun painted letters though. Cotton on at Carindale have all there small wooden letters for 50cents if you need entire names by the way. Took the kids there yesterday and Roboboy just had to have his own "Z". Chose to not argue and just give in to such whims. His name does not start with Z by the way, it just really spoke to him! melx

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  4. Jeez - he's a keeper that Jason! xx

  5. Does Jason sleep with that paint brush, he is definately a trojan, I prefer your fun painting, for sure!!!

  6. Lucky R and F! They deserve a father with a head, no?

  7. I see that Mise is on fire with her commenting today!

    I certainly don't envy Jason's job. Fiddly painting like that is so not fun. On the other hand give me a can of spray paint, and I can see why graffiti artists can get carried away!

  8. Did the UN declare that this week was 'International criticise people's shirts week' or something?


  9. Primary colours and kids = perfecto mundo.
    I wish I got the fun painting jobs, alas I get the Jason variety, and I'm quite fond of a tent to paint in.

  10. Mr Rooney, are you still offended that I laughed at your Hawaiian polo shirt the other day? I'm just used to the hi-vis, that's all.

    Mise, you're right. They do deserve a father with a head. I was trying to capture the voluminous t-shirt Jason is wearing.

    Trish, he is painting all the time. I'm sure he dreams about it too. xx

  11. I wouldn't have minded if it was only restricted to laughing.

    It was the POINTING and laughing that distressed me the most.

    I think I also speak for Jason when I say that we should be able to go about our work without having our choice of shirt - polo or otherwise, mocked in a public forum such as this.

    This sort of bullying 'shirtest' behaviour has to stop.

    We have feelings you know.

  12. I like those little letters for the little lads.

    I bet you have fun arranging those beautiful bookshelves.

  13. Have the teddy bears been naughty?

    TDM xx

  14. Guilty of wearing the wrong shirt would be my guess.

  15. The teddies don't have much of a life suspended against the bed like that...


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