Sunday, 19 June 2011

School fete and more painting

The monotony of exterior house painting was broken up with the annual school fete today.

I baked and preserved in preparation.

Orange and almond syrup cake with homemade lemon butter in the background.
My speciality is lemon butter and passionfruit butter for the cake and sweets stall. I made extra for us - to go in our Arabia jam pots (thanks again, Jo!). It tastes even better when it is contained in a retro container in my opinion.

The cake is one I bought at the fete. It is an orange and almond syrup cake which is literally out of this world. Yum!

The children climbed a knobbly phallic structure while at the fete. As you do.

That's Son #1 almost at the top. He never quite made it to the peak.
And after the day's events, Jason decided to squeeze an hour of gapping and filling while it was still light.

Jason working on the house

The man is a machine.


  1. You need to work out how to bottle Jason, and then sell him at school fetes.

    I can guarantee mothers will come running for a jar!

    (I finished with an OBH Katherine line!)

  2. Yum that looks so good! Have you decided on a door colour for the side door? (I am rubbing off on you MMMC do I detect a note of sarcasim, surely not...wait for it HA !)

  3. Oh I just love Carmel's idea!

  4. Yum - lemon and passionfruit butter. Jason is so motivated - please send some motivation our way. Ange

  5. Ah lemon butter - best eaten straight from the jar, no?

    My nanna always kept us in endless supply when we were little so it brings back delicious, happy memories for me.

    Those Arabia jam pots are too fabulous xx

  6. Yes bottled Jason, ship it across the ditch... does he vacuum too?

  7. When Jason has knocked over your place feel friend to send him over to Betsy's! The white looks so good, doesn't it make the remaining creamy beige look, well, so blah? Good on you for the jars of yummyness. My personal goal is to learn to make toffee as it is such a winner and I have failed the previous two times I have tried to make it! melx

  8. I'm sure the man as machine functions all the better for ample helpings of your lemon butter and passionfruit butter. Or do you cruelly keep none?

  9. What Carmel said. I can't help it, she has the best comments.

  10. I know it's cold but what's with the shirt?

    I love it how your Jason is never ever lazy. Laziness being the Devil's Work and All.

  11. I am so glad to see that Jason has been keeping warm. Can't have him sick at his new workplace.

    I am really sorry I haven't been by earlier. I hope you are feeling better now. Rest up...all 3 of your cherubs will be home for the holidays at the end of the week!

    Take care and best wishes for a lovely wintry week!

  12. I wish we were there to come over for tea and hot toast with your lemon butter from your retro jar! I'm drooling here.

  13. That cake looks delicious, would go perfectly with the cuppa I'm having right now :) And love those jam pots!!

  14. Who would have thought that climbing, what appears to all the world to be, a gigantic turd, would prove to be so popular?

    That second photo could well have been the cover art for a '70's paperback techno thriller -

    "The Grogan Sanction"

    "The Guano Files"


    "Assault on Ingester Mountain"


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