Sunday, 12 June 2011

Study bookshelves

Jason spent today constructing shelves for the study. It was too wet and miserable to work outside, so rather than taking a day off he decided to construct some shelves for the study. Jason is super-motivated.

The new shelves are in a previously wasted corner of the study.

Before shot taken in 2009:
The new shelves will be tucked in behind where the chair sits.

Sadly, it was harder work than he anticipated. A few planks of pine, a couple of VJs and a few rogue screws got the better of him.

Built-in book shelf progress
The language which came from his mouth would make the most hardened prison warden blush. And it always gets worst at dusk, in that rapidly fading light. Rather than stop and walk away from a frustrating task, Jason ploughs on to the bitter, cussing end.

I will spare you the tirade he directed at the shelves. Let's just say the shelves were personified into something evil. It was painful to watch...especially when there were no shirtless shots to take.

Jason's new drill. He bought it with vouchers he received as a farewell gift, when he changed jobs earlier this month.
image from here

Anyway, Jason used his new toy to construct the shelves. It is a cordless drill - a compact impact driver. Yeah!

He's still learning how to use it effectively, but I swear it is a vast improvement to his archaic drill he has used for the past 13 years. Now that he's got it, we wonder how he ever managed to get things done without it. An invaluable tool which comes highly recommended from a DIY home renovator.


  1. It alwasy amazes me that men think that profanities at inanimate objects will do any good lol gload my old man isnt the only one.But then I never get him to build anything for me for the above reason lol

  2. I use language like that when I'm working too, Bris - and I am supposed to know what I am doing. It can't help to have someone watching him from the comfort of a sofa as he whacks his thumb with a hammer for the 3rd time, though.

  3. This story reminds me of a sketch by a British comedian Jack Dee. He starts off wallpapering a room whilst whistling and then slowly things start to go wrong and his mood and language change to the ridiculous. It's one of the funniest things I've seen and when we do some small reno jobs here we often refer to it. Seems like it's a male thing worldwide!

  4. Tom, how did you know that's what I was doing...??? Truth be told, I was in the study on the computer trying to drown out the sound of cussing Jason. I tried my best not to make any helpful comments. I've learnt to make him coffee instead. xx

  5. LOL!! Now that sounds like a familiar story - I've had to remind my husband that we have small, impressionable ears in the house on more than one occasion during our renovating process!

  6. Would you post a video on YouTube for us of Jason and the Language?

  7. A familiar story Anita, yes, a very familiar story. One thing I have learnt is that having the right tools for the job is a must. Would it be too girly to say I like the colour of Jason's new drill?

  8. I think renovating hubbies are all alike!

  9. My husband put together an Ikea bed this weekend. Didn't he swear about Swedish people, and Ikea, and the whole concept of flat-pack.

    I know he was only joking. Everyone loves Ikea!

    Can't wait to see study the book shelves when they're finished. And great spot for them too! Clever Brismods.

  10. Jason and I must be related, I always swear at inanimate objects when trying to fix them!


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