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Insulated ceiling for the deck (and why I would make a great ambulance driver)

There are a lot of projects happening all at once at the Sow's Ear. It's hard to keep up at Action Central.

Jason took the day off on Friday to assist Mr Rooney, our stoic builder (you'll understand why...), to install an insulated ceiling on our deck.

exposed rafters on the deck. This photo was taken in winter 2010

Our deck has exposed rafters with a tin roof. It is almost unusable in the middle of the day because it is as hot as hell under there. I am not exaggerating either. We avoid using it during the heat of the day which is just crazy when it is such a great outdoor space.

So, Mr Rooney is helping us retro-fit an insulated ceiling. It sounds a lot easier than done, as the deck measures approximately 5.8m x 8m.

Jason and Mr Rooney have been working on it solidly for the past two days. They are extremely hardworking.

Yesterday was the measuring and preparatory stage. Since we are using hardiflex sheets for the ceiling it was important to get the right layout. It will be done in a brick pattern which distributes the load across the ceiling, as the sheets are quite heavy.

Metal ceiling battens were also affixed onto the rafters every 600mm. The foil insulation was inserted between the roof and the battens. Mr Rooney dusted himself with baby powder. He said it was to stop the fibreglass itch from the insulation. He was a sight to behold. I could've charged admission.

Once the insulation was in, there was an instant cooling effect or perhaps it was psychosomatic because it wasn't that hot yesterday.

The first of the foil insulation installed on the deck

The deck is insulated giving a space age effect
Today Jason and Mr Rooney concentrated on putting in the ceiling. They enlisted the help of a sheet lifter which was hired for the weekend. It was soon renamed the "shirt lifter". Appropriate really, given Jason's predilection  for being shirtless.

Sheet lifter

Shirt wearing Jason operating the shirt sheet lifter

The lifter was invaluable...especially when I had to drive Mr Rooney to the emergency hospital and Jason was left to his own devices for a while!!

Yes, Mr Rooney sustained an injury. The unbreakable Mr Rooney broke!

Don't worry people, he's okay now. Some nasty stuff got into one of his eyes. He thought he could wash it out but whatever it was did not want to be dislodged. 

His eyes were bloodshot, his nose was dribbling; he was not in a good nor attractive place. Again, I could've charged admission.

Off to emergency we raced. Luckily there is a good private hospital nearby. A small shard of metal was removed from his eye. It must've flown into his eye when he was drilling into a metal batten.

When we got back to the Sow's Ear, Mr Rooney put on his safety googles (as did Jason) and returned to work with anaesthetised eyes. Such a trooper. A lesser man would've gone home for a cup of tea and a lie down, but not our Mr Rooney.

Hardiflex ceiling on the deck, Mr Rooney wearing safety goggles
We are hoping to have it finished by tomorrow.


  1. Gold Almighty my last comment disappeared into the Blog Ether.

    Hope Mr Rooney is ok.

    Meanwhile Mr FF is decluttering his ties. Naturally my 1st thought was Jason- does he want any?

    And in very happy news for you, I've added you to my blog list.


  2. Good grief! Hope Sir Rooney can still read all the literary stuff ...

    I love lights and sirens!

    My verification word is 'costly' which makes me think 'legal suit' ... but you have someone there.

  3. Well, anything I was going to say pales into insignificance now that you're on FF's blog list! Do hope Mr R is ok and will be doing the goggle wearing thing tomorrow :) I love your deck...could I come and live on it now that it's been insulated do you think?

  4. I'm just wondering why you would go to so much trouble insulating a ceiling for a space which is open on three sides?

  5. What a trooper your Mr Rooney is...working with anaesthetised eyes!!! Amazing and..Jason with his shirt still on??? Love reading your posts..they are hilarious..hope you finish tomorrow ~ Kym

  6. Please excuse my teenage text language but OMG!!!! I am so glad Mr R is ok and thank goodness shirtless-Jason had extra protection today!!

    Seriously though, that deck is going to be brilliant! I can't wait to see the end result.

    Best wishes for a brilliant weekend and please, stay safe!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    FF, good news indeed! Jason blushed at the offer of Mr FF's ties.

    Kerry, you'd be welcome to stay inside the house you know.

    Tom, you need to visit Queensland during summer...An uninsulated tin roof acts like a frypan during hot days, frying those sitting underneath. The deck faces south west too. It is a bit of trouble, but it will mean we can use it more during the day.

  8. Let’s see if we can segue, ocular injuries, literary achievement, sheet lifters and the importance of insulating wriggly tin.

    Hmm, I believe that there is a unifying theme......

    Thomas Gore was a US Senator. As a result of eye injuries sustained as a child he was as blind as a welder’s dog. This didn’t stop him becoming a US Senator though.

    Thomas Gore was related to Gore Vidal somehow. As well as being some sort of advisor to JFK, GV was an outrageous chutney ferret and author.

    I recommend his ‘Williwaw’, which is one of the few books written on the Aleutian campaign of WW2. His memoir, ‘Palimpsest ‘ was a bit average.
    Gore Vidal is somehow related to Al Gore, another US Senator, and the inventor of Global Warming.

    Because of Global Warming we need to insulate Brismods deck.


    I also forgot to say thanks for the lift.


  9. Wow, Mr Rooney sure is tough. That must have hurt.

    What a lovely cool space that is going to be...I had to chuckle at Toms comment above, you could have fried an egg under there before no doubt.


  10. that is a wonderful space for you and much more useable being insulated. our old house had the same set up at the front and yes impossible to be under there ! Mel xx

  11. Hi Mr Rooney.

    Thomas Gore was Gore Vidal's maternal grandfather. Thomas's daughter married a Mr Hugh D Auchincloss. When they divorced Hugh D Auchincloss married Jackie Kennedy's mother Janet. So Jackie was a sort of Step sibling to Gore Vidal.

    Gore wasn't an advisor to JFK but he did get invited to lots of White House parties and trip the whole Camelot Light Fantastic.


  12. FF, you might be the right person to ask.

    Two things I never understood

    How does Al fit into the Thomas and GV picture?


    What was Jackie thinking WRT to Onassis?

    Aristotle had a dial that could stop clocks. He had a bonce that fitted somewhere between a half sucked mango and a half burnt sandshoe.

    Do you think that they ever had....

    You know....


  13. Ah, right. Now I understand, Bris. Here, we only think of keeping the warmth in, not out!

  14. Oh my poor Mr. Rooney. You guys don;t sit still. Everytme I check your blog you are up to something interesting.

  15. whoa, crazy sh!t, poor Mr. Rooney, I hope he's recovered now. Indeed a trooper, I'd have certainly gone home!

  16. I would like to see a pic of Mr Rooney wearing the baby powder please.

  17. I just had to Google chutney ferret. The things Mr Rooney is teaching me!

  18. Poor Mr. Rooney. I hope the eyes are OK now - safety goggles always. Are you going to put in a ceiling fan? That keeps our back deck cool. On FF's blog list !!

  19. Mr Rooney, your eloquence is captivating. I too have wondered about Jackie and Onassis. Awaiting FF reply. A-M xx

  20. Mr Rooney you idiot...are you sure you are not a Collins? or have you just been hanging around that crowd too long because both the injury and the keeping on attitude sound like a lot of stupid Collins men I know. And to the other thing of course they had relations it is the ugly man/beautiful women thing that equals does one put get the picture but I am sure the connection was electric you just wouldn't want to witness it...eew xxKath

  21. Quite right A-M.

    I believe that Aristotle was indeed the inspiration for the expression:

    ‘As ugly as a hatful of Greek Shipping Tycoons’

    Lets face it, when it comes to Jackie and Aristotle - one of these things is very definitely not like the other.

    Were they in fact, bumping uglys?

    Handicappers nightmare, eh what!

    Must fly. got to go to work.

  22. Have completely forgotten what I was going to write because I have been far too distracted by all the comments - very entertaining Mr Rooney.

  23. Goodness me, I feel a little out of my league so I'll just say the deck and the rear exterior of the house are looking fab and the comments today are outstanding. Congrats on making FF's blog list.

  24. What high drama! Anything in the eye is not fun - youch! Glad it's ok. What a big job! You guys make me feel soooo reno-slack!!!

  25. Dear Mr Rooney,

    It is oh so obvious why Ole Jackie married Onassis.

    It was the filthy lucre. He was a billionaire during a time when they were thin on the ground.

    Bobby K had been shot, she felt insecure, she had a love of money and luxury that knew no bounds, enter left Mr Ari.

    Apparently, if you believe the reports they did have a normal marriage. Until he got sick to death of her and a bit bored and went back to Maria Callas, his real love.

    I know lots of girls who are more than happy to marry for money but in the words of Dr Phil, "If you marry for money you pay for it 24/7"

    There's something in that for all of us.

    What was the other thing you were wondering?

  26. You know you've got a great blog when your followers are commenting up a storm. Hilarious, I nearly forgot what the post was initially about. It seems Mr Rooney was more worried about the itch than the eyeballs. Glad all is okay. Look forward to seeing the grand finale!

  27. Poor Mr Roonery! Your deck is already so lovely, it's going to be perfect when you combat the heat issue with your new ceiling - can't wait to see it finished off.

  28. I wasn't too keen on insulating my verandahs - love the look of underneath it and cause we're high on hill we get all the breezes. Settled for the side where we bbq and it is cooler out there. Or maybe it's all the coldies resting on the beer rail...

  29. What a treasure. Our most recent builder asked if it was ok for him to knock off early and come back the next day ... and then charged us 2hrs travel for the 1hr of finishing up he had to do. He will not be back.

  30. Jo, I know what you mean about your verandahs. If you get nice breezes, you'd have to leave them. We figured the deck is where we entertain and barbecue, so it will be more comfortable for us.xx

    Anna, that sucks about your builder.

  31. It looks amazing! We have insulation on our deck (courtesy of the previous owners), but no ceiling - so it looks all messy and space-agey still (one of the things we need to fix).


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