Friday, 7 January 2011

Home-made pasta

There were grand plans to go to New Farm Park today with some friends, but the wet weather meant we had to change the venue to the Sow's Ear. I couldn't face another wet day with just my children - it's good to have company on wet miserable days.

To amuse all the kids, I retrieved my old inherited pasta making machine from the bowels of the kitchen drawers. They were going to make fresh pasta for lunch.  My friend Kelly and I love making our children work.

Pasta making machine. An old Marcato Atlas 150.

Alex, my trusty assistant, helped make and knead the dough. She did a great job getting the dough to a nice texture. The recipe was from the booklet which came with the machine -  1 pound (it must be an old machine to have the imperial measure) of plain flour, 5 eggs, a pinch of salt, a splash of olive oil, and a little water (this will feed six people).

It was a nice easy recipe for the kids.

All the boys helped feed the pasta dough into the machine to get it to the right thickness. I hadn't used the machine for ages, so it took a few practice runs to work out the best thickness to make the noodles. You can't make the pasta too thin, we quickly realised. It tends to clump when you feed it through the noodle attachment.

(Sorry for the lack of photos. I didn't think to take any until it was all too late)

Anyway, the pasta cooked beautifully and also quickly. I made a very simple cream sauce with ham, garlic and grated Parmesan cheese.

Home-made egg pasta

It wasn't bad at all. The kids enjoyed the experience and it was really quite simple to make.

The pasta machine is not something you'd whip out for a mid-week dinner, however I'm thinking I should use it more. I could definitely make pasta in bulk and freeze it.

If the wet weather lasts, I think that will be on the cards.


  1. I love homemade pasta - I used to make it years ago. I really should give it another go. Catherine from Little Glowing Lights ( in my blogroll) made beetroot pasta this week and it too looked great. The recipe is on her blog if you are interested. Yum!! I bet your creamy sauce was nice :)

  2. That looks scrumptious. I'm not sure I've eaten home-made pasta (shocking, to admit) ... maybe in restaurants ... but that machine looks very fun ... and you've got a great bench for it ...

    Just don't let Jason make pasta wearing one of his ties ... that could be a Recipe for Disaster! (On a roll, MMMC!)

  3. Snap, the kids and I made pasta last night and had it last night and tonight for tea. They loved making it and eating it. I felt like such a good mum! Ours was a bit thin. Yours looks delicious.

  4. Well done girls! Looks yum....(Hi Kelly), cheers Katherine

  5. Sounds fun and looks great. I've often though about investing in a pasta machine, maybe I should look in the sales?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. x

  6. What a great idea! We have one of those languishing in the cupboard. I'll try to remember to take some photos of our pasta making efforts.

  7. I've never had fresh pasta. Well done you!

  8. I have seen two of these in my favourite oppy recently and passed them up thinking I would never use it but you may be interested to know I found a great West German pitcher and a Parker coffee table there today, $5 and $10 respectively. I think people are having some clean ups in the wet weather! 2011 is looking good so far!

  9. sweet deal. i bet it was amazing!
    ~ laura

  10. I've been wondering whether to invest in one of made it sound all too easy!

  11. Pasta has always been something I was 'gonna make one day' and never did. Sounds Yum though!
    Pam x

  12. Oh how fab! I've always wanted one of those and would love to give it a go. Looks yummy!


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