Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sunshine on a cloudy day

It's just started to rain lightly again.

The sun has been shining brightly for most of today as Brisbane prepares for the floods to inundate its suburbs.

As you all know, our home is fine and our suburb won't be affected too much by flood waters. Thank you for all your concern and well wishes.

As a Brisbane native, one can't help but feel gutted knowing that flood waters are rising and destroying a wonderful city.

Ironic public art at the Powerhouse Museum Brisbane.
The devastating 1974 floods have never been forgotten in Brisbane

Jason was told to stay home today - his office will be closed until further notice. The fear of city workers being stranded in the CBD and not being able to go home was too great.

I just heard that they stopped all public transport.

Jason's Mum on the other hand was telephoned this morning to go into her workplace in the City to form a skeleton staff. Hmmm...we are hoping it was very important work to warrant such a phone call.

I spoke to my friend Susan who manages a shop off Park Road in Milton where I used to work a few years ago. She went into work to try to move stock and equipment to higher ground. She knows her attempts were futile as the flood waters were already in the ground floor of the building next door. It is the dread of the massive clean up which is troubling her now.

Mr Rooney is also expecting some water to go through his home. He doesn't expect it to be too bad, however he's taken every precaution to minimise the damage.

My little friend Ana lives in the City. She lives in a high-rise but their power and water have now been cut. They are staying put. I hope they will be okay. The photos from her blog show how quickly the waters have risen overnight.

My parents are fine. They are high on their street. They came out okay in 1974 and hopefully will be okay in 2011.  However you feel for the people further down the street. Beautiful Queenslander homes will be flooded...but I guess that is happening everywhere at the moment.

Yesterday, after Jason arrived home, I went to the supermarket to restock our food supply. I got there too late though. The shelves had emptied of the things I needed. The panic has certainly settled in. There is talk of water contamination over the coming days.

There is very little we can do now but stay off the roads, wait and then be ready to lend a hand for the clean-up.

The State Library going under.
This is where my friend and I were yesterday, when we saw the Brisbane River break its banks.
Photo courtesy of Mr Rooney's facebook.


  1. Isn't it just terrible here at the moment. The photography in the television coverage is so sad.
    I was quite shocked just to see the debris in the river at Hamilton near me this morning.
    Glad you're all ok!

  2. It is just awful isn't it! Glad your mum and dad are ok. You know if we can help in any way please ask as we are not far from them. The clean up is just going to be horrendous. I feel exhausted imagine how tired they must be in toowoomba and condamine area. Xxx Katherine love to your friends too

  3. I had lunch at a restaurant right beside that flood sign last Friday and even then the water was up over the footpath... Amazing images are circulating. ;-)

  4. So glad you are safe but it must be devastating to be so very so surreal...glad your family are fine too..take care Kym xox

  5. Beggars belief. I'm in shock, to be honest. It's like normal in my house ... I feel terribly guilty for having electricity and not worrying about packing my possessions up.

    I'm sure as the days pass and the food begins to dwindle, reality will set in. If anything, it makes me think I shouldn't have so many possessions.

    I'm happy to hear you're okay. Big hugs to you and the boys ... we're here in Bardon if anyone needs anything.

  6. Wow that photo of yours is amazing and looked at Ana's photos WOW how quickly that water came in. We are thinking of you all in West Australia. As mentioned to Ana I love Queenslands community spirit of helping each other! you are all amazing people.

  7. It's so, so sad, all the destruction and fear. Keep safe and well.

  8. Stay Safe Guys. We are high and dry thankfully and still have power and internet. There is going to be a massive clean up in the coming days/weeks/years. I am a glass half full kinda guy, maybe you can find some more salvage goods.

  9. Agreed - stay safe, take care and get out early if you need to

  10. I'm glad to hear you're safe ... it's worrying to see the damage that is being done, especially when the waters haven't peaked yet.

    The sunshine today was so strange ... I hope the rain doesn't return any time soon.

  11. We are actually going to be OK, it will miss us. Good for us.

    Having to hose out your house and your stuff, isn't the worst thing that can happen to you.

    My thoughts are with those up the Lockyer Valley who still have their people missing.

  12. Glad to hear you are safe and your parents and Mr Rooney and his family. Can't imagine what you are all going through.

  13. Food is pretty slim here on the northside as well. I am hoping that our water holds cause there was none on the shelves at 2 supermarkets.

    My husband's work went underwater this morning. We are hoping that they put their stock up high enough.

    And it is just heartbreaking to see that water going through the state library and GOMA. I hope that none of their important documents and gorgeous artworks were compromised in any way.

  14. I wondered about that flood sign. I have pictures of my kids climbing all over it and was surprised not to see it in the news. Is it up to there yet?

  15. The situation is so unbelievable Anita. Am so relieved to catch up with your blog and learn you are all OK, even though your lovely city is in such trouble. Stay safe. Amanda xx

  16. I've been thinking of you, I'm so glad your house and loved ones are safe. Hope it all gets better soon..Rachaelxx


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