Thursday, 20 January 2011

Work progress in the sunroom

It's business as usual at the Sow's Ear.

Mr Rooney, our formidable builder, has graced us with his presence most of this week - in between threatening electrical storms...

He's working on replacing all the windows in our sunroom. The new "salvaged" windows will provide us a bit more privacy. You can read about our casement windows here and here if you are new to this caper.

Our only bathroom is located in the sunroom too and Jason has a penchant for doing the nudie run from this room after his shower. Such an exhibitionist, but you knew that already!

The windows will also be consistent to all the other windows in the house and finish the room nicely when we sheet the walls with VJs and paint it.

The first bank of windows being framed-up for the casement windows.
The door on the left is our bathroom

The hopscotch casement windows installed.
That's Jason below admiring Mr Rooney's handiwork yesterday afternoon


  1. Looking great, so similar to us... I think we need your Mr Rooney when you have finished. ;-)

  2. Nudie runs! Your windows look lovely.

  3. Nudie run! Jason's outside wondering if the new windows will offer the neighbours a view of his nudie runs!

    Nudie run! I like saying it. Poor Jason! All his secrets are known by the wider female blogging community!

    Though his suitage arrangement shows he's a man of many sartorial guises.

  4. Looking at those old post on your windows (very nice by the way) I got distracted by Mr Rooney's unusual take on book reviews - I missed them at the time - he really should be given his own column in the Courier Mail... What does he think we should be reading in 2011?

  5. I never realised that Jason was only 3 feet high.

  6. How exciting to be getting your casement windows in. It looks strange to see the frames minus windows. I'm sure you'll enjoy the privacy when they're up. Slow progress in these parts. I lie. No progress. :)

  7. If you can't do a nudie run in your own home, where can you? (and yes, I'd like a list)

  8. That is looking fantastic. Well done Mr Rooney! Is this Ann really Mr Rooney ha ha?

  9. That's great Anita - nice to see some reno action, unlike down here. Tom's comment cracked me up :)

  10. Mr Rooney's looking very dapper in his suit! Great idea on replacing the casements for privacy. I've been considering doing the same. Even just to tone the sun down a bit as well. Looking good!!!

  11. That's another big renovation step forward! :)

    I love your photos and always enjoy giggling over your various witticisms.

  12. and Mr Rooney said, "Let there be casements" and there was casements.

  13. Just to straighten a few things out.

    The bloke in the suit who looks like something recently retrieved from a crash in Roswell, isn't me. That's Jas.

    I'm also not Anne. I've rung my mum and checked. It's not her either.


    Mr Rooney

  14. ohhh looking fab - what a great addition :) le xox

  15. Thanks for those kind words Ann.

    In my view, in 2011 people should be reading Andrew Salmon.

    Salmon is an outrageously handsome Englishman and a graduate of London’s, School of Oriental and African Studies. The School of Oriental and African Studies has produced more Spies, main-chancers and International Men of Mystery than any other institution in the world and Salmon is a worthy alumni. He is Korean correspondent for the ‘The Times.

    He might strike a chord with readers of this blog because he is an enthusiast for water colours and happens to be the ‘Matt Preston’ of Korean Cuisine.

    It is definitely fair to say that Military History as a genre fails to cross gender lines. If anyone is capable of breaking through to a female audience, it is probably Salmon the watercolour buff and Korean foodie. To make sense of the present we do need to look to the past.

    Salmon’s most recent and award winning work is, ‘To the Last Round’ .

    ‘To the Last Round’ is an account of the bloodiest, most desperate battle fought by British soldiers since World War Two. In April 1951, a British brigade faced a Chinese army. When the smoke cleared, an entire British battalion had been wiped out.

    To make sense of recent events in Korea we need to look at what happened there mid last century. To understand why Australian and British troops are fighting in Afghanistan today, we need to look at the origins of, both countries, ‘Special Relationship’ with the US that had its genesis in Korea. We’ve had a few trials and tribulations around these parts at the hands of nature lately. They pale into insignificance when compared to the destruction wrought by human hands on the Korean people in the 1950’s. It puts things in perspective.

    The men who fought in Korea, and this is a story about men, were mostly children of the depression. Today the survivors make up a fair part of our nursing home cohort. Where I think Salmon succeeds in achieving gender crossover is his deep regard and affection for these old buggers. It comes through from his many interviews and into his writing. The Korean War is often called the forgotten war and these are forgotten men. They shouldn’t be. Like the art and architecture of the period, their experiences in the 1950’s can still inform us today.

    ‘To the Last round’ is a relevant story, well told. One of the benefits of the interweb is that some of the things that used to hold us back, no longer do. Mil. Hist is sometimes regarded as incomprehensible. Not knowing the difference between a Brigade and a Battalion used to be a deterrent, prior to the invention of Wikipedia. Nowadays, if you get stuck at any point you can ask the author. You can email Salmon at the ‘To the Last Round’ Homepage and he will answer your questions. You can also order your copy from the website here:

    If you read but one history work this year, this will be worth your while.


    Mr Rooney

  16. Where do you get your energy?? Seriously. I can't believe how much you've accomplished in such a short time. Clever clogs. Meredy xo

  17. Looking good! Can't wait to see it finished. I didn't imagine your hubby to be a suit man ha!

  18. Hey Mr Rooney. Your comment was automatically sent to my Spam file on blogger. I've moved it back here.

  19. That is so funny Brismod I laughed out loud...but to Mr Rooney's credit it does sound like a good read. Will recommend it to Kristen, (he is the right gender for such works). I think it is perhaps becoming time for a Mr Rooney blog, (did i just type that?)

  20. So you have an intellectual putting in your casement windows and a 'nudie run' husband who dresses in suits and doesn't take himself seriously. The French are definitely over rated - I'm moving home!!! Bring on the electrical storms
    You guys crack me up

  21. Anita your renovations are travelling along so nicely & your comment section is becoming as much fun to read as your blog posts...Love it!!!


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