Sunday, 2 January 2011

The master bedroom is nearly finished

Well, here we have an almost complete master bedroom. We are loving it already.

Still to be finished are the wardrobe doors, which require a coat of paint, and installing a yet-to-be-found light fitting.

Newly painted master bedroom in a Queenslander
Jason undercoated the entire room in a Dulux acrylic primer/sealer/undercoat; one of those all-in-one products. This was then followed up with two coats of a low sheen Dulux acrylic on the VJs and a high-gloss on the door and door frames.

We used plain old white. No fancy white variations for uncomplicated us. And Jason used a brush rather than a roller which is why it was harder work.

Some art work for the VJ walls

Jason removed the top wardrobe doors and spray painted them white and replaced the knobs with something more discreet.

Unpainted wardrobe doors. Painting them white will make them disappear...hopefully

The dressing table is a 1930s English oak piece which we bought when we were first married.
Its days may be numbered, as I'm thinking of getting a mid-century piece to replace it. But I am in two minds because I am still fond of it.

I couldn't resist taking this photo. Poor dear Jason in a state of collapse from all his work, taken this afternoon.
The image below is what it was like before. It actually looks kind of nice in this photo...however, it needed to be repainted as the paint work was very tired.

Although the cream colour was not offensive it did make the room feel rather gloomy. And we like white interiors.

Jason replaced the single-pane windows to the hopscotch windows so that they were from the same era/period as the other windows in the rest of the house. He also put in new VJ board over the fibro walls under the windows.

Anyway, the room feels much fresher, brighter and in keeping with the rest of the house, which was the main aim.

Before of the master bedroom


  1. LOVE IT! Love every photo! Love Jason asleep! Love the thought of the wardrobe doors disappearing behind a magician's paint-tin of white! I LOVE IT!

    Sorry, but I'm starting to thing 'sow's ear' is a misnomer.

    PS I had a similar dresser and sold it, and happily never regretted it ... but you must buy a MC replacement almost immediately in order for feelings of regret not to surface.

  2. Looks fab!! So nice! Looks bigger with the lighter colour and poor Jason so deserves that rest....

  3. So lovely and fresh. I like the new knobs and your shiny shiny floor. A well deserved rest for Jason.

  4. Oh, it looks wonderful! and congrats to Jason for getting it all done. The white on the wardrobe is looking very good.

  5. It looks fab. Sweet dreams!

  6. It looks great, so much fresher. Jason has done an amazing job with your casement windows - he must have the patience of a saint. Can he come and do ours???? I am hoping to make a start on them very soon and may have to call on you for some puttying advice. The wardrobes also will look fab once finished in the white. Not so much a sows ear anymore? ;-)

  7. Looks fantastic! I'm looking at doing a complete 'white' makeover to our interiors this year ... I love the 'cleanness' and 'sharpness' of the look ... let alone the decorating possibilities it allows.

  8. Your room is lovely and hubby deserves a nap. I'm curious about the door knob on the bedroom entry door. Is it placed quite high or is the camera playing tricks on me?

  9. absolutely lovely, that green is so striking against the white - lovely!

  10. Wow, how glamorous! The wonderful sheen of the floor and the green panes set it off beautifully. Jason adds a much needed touch of realism.

  11. Wow, it looks like you guys did a lot of work, so nice to have a handy husband! Love your hardwood floor and the idea of painting the wardrobe doors. We have similar doors downstairs and think about painting them white as well. We are also in the process of renovating our bedroom.

  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments!
    Deb, no tricks. The door knobs are high on all the internal bedroom doors. This was quite common in this era house in Queensland and no doubt other areas of Australia.

  13. Wow, it is looking gorgeous and the wardrobe looks fantastic. I also like the cream walls,but I am biased as we have clotted cream throughout the house..hehehe. The dressing table is a sweetie, and looks gorgeous in the room.

    It makes me tied just looking at all the painting,we have to paint the exterior of our house over the holidays, we started 2 years ago (that sounds bad just typing it). If only Jason lived closer..hehehe

    Have a great day, I hope Jason is having a rest?, Tamara x

  14. Wow Anita, it looks so light and fresh. I love it!
    Your wardrobe doors are going to look great once painted (as will my shutters, sigh).
    I think your dressing table is gorgeous and don't know if I could part with it.

  15. Beautiful. I'd hang on to that beautiful 1930s vanity table/dresser; I always think a bit of a mix of different style periods looks interesting and makes both the more ornate and pared down styles stand out through juxtaposition.

  16. Hey, Anita. What an outstanding job. Jason certainly deserves the rest after all his hard work.


    I know what you mean about the cream being deceiving. It can look nice in photos, but it can drain the life out of a room. I love the white. Well done sleeping boy! He deserves a nap

  18. It looks great Anita! The white is so fresh and your floors are stunning. I love the dressing table but I understand your desire for a mid-century piece. Those Orla pillowcass are gorg too, wish we had them in our Myer :)

  19. Looking good. Particularly like what the white paint does to the wardrobe doors ...much better! The good thing about the dressing table is despite it not fitting to your mid century vibe it does fit to the house so it still looks in keeping with the over all house. But you know me...miss all over the I would say that wouldn't I...ha, cheers Katherine

  20. Your bedroom looks really good. Love the size of your floorboards. Pam x

  21. lookin good... yes the room too :)

  22. What a fabulous looking room, and didn't those louvred doors come up a treat! Nice boardies :)

  23. Great room, very inviting and looks nice and cool for those hot summer Queensland days!


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