Thursday, 6 January 2011

Art print by Inaluxe

My birthday is looming. And I'm taking the liberty to treat myself more lately.

Look at what I am giving myself for my birthday. I ordered it yesterday.

Departure Lounge 1971
Image courtesy of Inaluxe
It is a gallery quality giclee print called Departure Lounge 1971 which is an interpretation of mid-century modern graphics by Inaluxe artists Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd. I love bold, colourful graphics.

I've been looking for a fun smallish print to go in this corner:

A corner of our lounge room
Inaluxe is also having a 25 % off sale on all their prints. The only trouble is being able to decide which one to choose. There are some very groovy prints if you love that mid-century modern vibe. Check it all out here.

I can't wait for it to arrive.


  1. ohhh nice choice :) when are you having the big day - are you an australia day babe like me :) it's 44 this year - OMG - who would have thought !! still better of than the alternate - have a great day - le

  2. Good for you spoiling yourself! This print will look sensational in your home. Love your telephone table. (I've probably said that before.)

  3. It's always nice to spoil yourself...we all should do it more often!
    I like it

  4. Well done for treating yourself - I love what you've chosen!

  5. Great choice Anita, it will look perfect gracing the Sow's ear. I am kicking myself. I pulled apart a telephone table today, I should have just painted it, yours looks fab.~Deb~

  6. That's fantastic and will really look great in your home. A great birthday treat :)

  7. Great choice! Love Inaluxe prints, their etsy shop is one of my favorites.

  8. Won't Jason mind that you're covering up the paint and VJs with art after he's gone to all that trouble? I like it a lot - it's simple, but not trivial, colourful but not manic.

  9. Very cool and very you! Let this be the year of Brismod you have a lot of catching up to do in the spoiling department...ha xx Katherine

  10. Oooh...I love it! It will look just fabulous in your place. Well done for treating yourself. :-)

  11. Good one Brismod! Indulge, I say!

    And that print smacks of good Mid-Century taste, of which, you have just the right amount!

    When your birthday comes 'round, I'm sending you a big birthday hug!

    Even the title of your print is cool.

  12. It is so fantastic when you get to choose something for yourself...just gorgeous.. Kym X

  13. Brismod that is a lovely print and it will look so great in your house.Love the colours, design and love the name. Buy another one you deserve it.

  14. AMAZING!!
    I Love the colors and patterns!
    Thanks for sharing...and putting us in trouble with the hard decision ;)


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