Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stud adhesive

I kid you not. This is a name of a product that Jason and Mr Rooney, our walking-wounded builder, were using the past couple of days.

It's basically a thick glue like substance to stick the ceiling sheets to the ceiling battens. Wouldn't you love to work for the Stud Adhesive marketing department? I've already created a few campaigns in my head, all grossly inappropriate of course!

The new ceiling is in. Wooden battens will be used to cover the major seams in the ceiling sheets. It will also need to be filled and painted.

Studs at work using stud adhesive while listening to the dulcet tunes of 4BH radio playing such hits as Galveston sung by Glenn Campbell. A long forgotten goodie. 
There are so many double entendres in the building game. Jason called me on my mobile this morning while I was out running some errands. He wanted me to buy some hardener at Bunnings for Mr Rooney.

"I beg your pardon?" was all I could manage in response.

It is used in a two-part compound called Plastibond, which is a heavy-duty filler or plastic putty. The hardener makes it set. Jason calls it viagra for builder's bog. They used the compound to fill in the hinge rebates of the lattice doors on the deck which will have to be rehung to accommodate the new ceiling.

Anyway, it was an extremely productive day. The bulk of the deck ceiling is done. The window hoods are painted and ready to install. I learnt that hardener with Plastibond and stud adhesive are cool products. I also learnt that Glenn Campbell has an excellent voice.

And not one injury to report today, but I did forget to show you Jason's gashed skull from Friday.

Jason - AKA Scar Head - It's healed well after a couple of days.

He bent down to pick something off the floor and  knocked his head on the sharp end of a ceiling batten which was sitting on the deck rails. It was not pretty and he was not happy.

It's healing nicely after Mr Rooney performed first aid.


  1. I can see you doing the advertising for 'stud adhesive' and 'hardener' Bris. Maybe a version of 'Stand by your man' - 'Stick by your man'? There is a small bakery near here called 'Emma's Country Cakes'. I have been toying with the idea of a jingle for them on local radio. I won't sing it now, but it is basically the first half of the title, sung a few times, followed by a the whole line at the end. You get the idea....

  2. You speak builder! I'm impressed... not fluent myself. Glad Mr Rooney's eye is better today, and I hope he learned his lesson re: safety goggles. Eyes are quite useful, after all. Oh, and Jason's head wound looks epic.

    Stud adhesive... brings all sorts of things to mind.

  3. oh i love this post! First of all, there is a hardener called "builders bog" cause I bought it the other day. I saw it in a mag, said it would bond/fill anything, can sand it, paint it etc... so I thought "I have to have that surely!"
    As for the scar, Workcover alert there!!!

    And I can't wait to see the baton over the joins on ceiling, I think that will look gorgeous!! can't wait to see that one!!!

  4. Well done to the medically adept Mr Rooney; is there nothing he can't do? And I'm wondering whether the search engines might send the Wrong Sort of Visitor to this post; should you quickly post something bland about knitting to counteract it?

  5. This ceiling bizzo is fraught with danger, but the results are speaking for themselves. It's going to be such a pleasure to enjoy this space on a hot day.
    I've always thought the 'stud finder' a funny name for a gadget.

  6. Funny!! I never thought that I would look forward to reading about ceilings and renovations and now I'm even finding it all very amusing! x
    PS Ceiling is looking very grand.

  7. man i could do with some stud adhesive, sounds useful! xx

  8. The Silver Fox says he can't use a 'stud finder' because it keeps beeping at him!!! How funny are our boys? Lucky you being surrounded by such handy men. The ceiling looks amazing...

  9. Never a dull moment at the Sow's Ear. I must take more notice in the hardware store next time!

  10. I can't help but chuckle either when I hear these names as well. Ah, the jokes I have ade with a stud finder in my hand. You just gotta have a bit of fun while slaving away on the reno! x

  11. Haha ... I always found much amusement when hearing people refer to 'stud finders' ... ;)


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