Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Grim times again for Queensland

Queensland is disaster prone it would seem - first floods and now cyclones.

Cyclone Yasi which is due to hit Far North Queensland later this evening is the worst the nation has seen since 1899.

Fortunately, some still have their sense of humour in such crazy times. It says it all.

A message of defiance to Cyclone Yasi as businesses board up doors and windows

We were checking on the boys just before going to bed. I had to take a photo of Son #2, sleeping blissfully...clearly unperturbed by the events happening in his home state...

We are really lucky to be safe and well while others are huddling in evacuation centres waiting out a destructive cyclone...

Good luck Far North Queensland. Our thoughts are with you.


  1. Snap we have used the same pic...I thought it was great too! It is very scary and sort of almost unbelievable for us down here in brissie. I love the eye wear on son#2, cheers Katherine

  2. Oh! I should've read your post first...great minds think alike...fools never differ...

    The image I wanted to use is on Jason's computer at work, which said "Blow me Yasi".

  3. Look at Boy 2 and his sleeping mask! He reminds me of Child 2 ... how precious.

    You know, this post is so sweet ... it shows you're thinking of others ... a bit of pathos at the Sows Ear.

    Child 4 is crying here ... gotta dash!

  4. Mr FF's family, like all good Italians live in North QLD. Very stressful...My huge brown sanke send his love x

  5. I hope Mr FF's family will be safe and well.

  6. I don't know what you guys have done lately. Just devastating to see the destruction Mother Nature is wreaking on little ol' Qld. My thoughts are with all those in FNQ.

    Jennifer xx

  7. The lovely innocence of a child.
    I can't imagine what the children in FNQ are going through tonight.

  8. Your son sleeps like he hasn't got a care in the world. Oh to be a child!

  9. So much bad weather in one season, it's so unbelievable that if it wasn't really happening it'd be written in a soap opera. Truth is stranger than fiction, unfortunately.

  10. Yes, it's a good sign/comment. I'm hoping that everyone is ok up there.
    Does your little one always sleep with a mask? Very cute :)
    ps if I hadn't already read FF's snake post I would have been wondering eactly what her comment was about!!

  11. I just can't believe what's been happening in Queensland lately ... keeping fingers crossed that we're done with disasters for the year now.

    Your photos are cute! :)

  12. I was thinking of you today as I read the news. My best wishes for everyone there.

  13. How sweet your little guy is. Does he always sleep with an eye mask?
    Enough now of the crazy weather in QLD!

  14. No, he never wears an eye mask cracked us up to see him wearing he's on a long haul flight. Too funny.

  15. He kicks a bit of arse when it comes to the swordfighting caper.

    I think he was trying to channel Zorro.

    In fact, I'm sure of it.


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