Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tick of approval

I'm back online!

I  know I have a problem after my visit to the addicted blogger's equivalent of a methadone clinic (the public library for free internet when phone and internet connection is down). The internet hit yesterday was definitely needed; and my, didn't it feel good!

Anyway, much progress has been made on the sunroom. All the VJ (vertical join) walls are up! And the room  is on its way to looking most excellent. We are not called Fun and VJs for nothing!

Below are the photos I took before Jason finished the work. It was getting too dark to take the final shots.

VJ walls in the sunroom

Mr Rooney, our doubting Thomas builder, has been keeping close tabs on Jason's efforts.

He was slightly dismayed that Jason was opting to use real VJs rather than the Easy VJ paneling board. The intention was always for Jason to finish off the walls with the Easy VJs as it would be...well, easier.

VJs being added progressively

It seems Mr Rooney has been won over. He left a really nice comment on our last post:

Dropped in to check on progress this afternoon.

For the record, I'll say here, what I said then.

"An absolutely first class job, meticulously planned and perfectly executed.

I'm not in the habit of blowing smoke up other people's fundaments, but given the degree of difficulty, the workmanship exhibited here would embarrass many professionals. I only wish I could take some of the credit for it."

But you can Mr Rooney. More credit than you'd ever know. And the loan of the nail gun sped things up greatly too!


  1. 'Blowing smoke up other people's fundaments'. I like that. I'm going to use it on a regular basis.

  2. I bet you can't wait to give it a lick of paint! Well done Jason.

  3. Easy or's most excellent.
    We say fundamental orifices here in Canberra :)

  4. Wow high praise indeed. It does look neat and tidy. And I love the way Jason went traditional and hard rather than modern and slack. xo

  5. Oh what nice praise from Mr Rooney.

    I'd never really considered what VJs look like without paint on them. They really do look quite log cabinesque in a way.

  6. I think Mr Rooney gets quote of the week - love it! I am going to use it too. Jason has done a meticulous job on the VJ's and they look fantastic, now to paint them - ahhh... ;-)

  7. Yep, well I reckon if you are going to do something, do it properly, just as Jason has done. It looks fantastic.
    I'm jealous he got to use a nail gun, that's on my wish list!

  8. Still two days to go... how much more can Jason the reno wonder do?
    This is certainly testimony to Jaon's skills and attention to detail; and Mr Rooney's excellent teachings.

  9. Good call. Anything called Easy VJs has no dignity and does not deserve to be in your house. Only Easi-VJs, or indeed Easi-VJs! could possibly be worse. Well done Jason.

  10. Looking good - the silk purse is looking very good :-)

  11. Its looking really good, great job! its going to look fabulous when its all painted. Megan xx

  12. Hi praise indeed from Mr Rooney and quote of the week as well.
    I think you are going to have to start looking for another project soon, the sow's ear is looking pretty spiffy.

  13. Are you going to keep the same furniture in the sunroom once it's painted? Or will its new vj's require a furniture rearrangement? And curtains for the windows and nudie runs? What are you thinking there?

    (I'll go to Blogs Anonymous with you.)

  14. MMMC, yes we are keeping all the furniture but we may tweak it a bit once the room is painted. It will be curtain free but I am considering blinds later down the track. xx

  15. 'The addicted blogger's equivalent of a methadone clinic (the public library)' - BLOG QUOTE OF THE YEAR!
    Millie x


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