Sunday, 20 February 2011

VJs in the sunroom

Jason is taking the week off work to get some much needed R and R. He's been cranky at work, he's been cranky at home, he's cranky at clients, he's cranky at friends and it's like the whole world is conspiring against him.

The man needs a holiday and this week he's planning to cruise and do what he pleases.

Fortunately for me, that means working around the house and finishing off the internal wall lining in the sunroom! What madness! But some people are happier when they are perpetually in motion!

If it were me, I'd be lazing on a beach with a Caprioska cocktail with newly-painted toe nails and a few good novels. Ha! 

Mr Rooney, our trusty builder, will still be on the scene over the next little while doing other things like attaching weatherboards on the external side of the sunroom and finishing off our deck ceiling.

Stops nailed onto the window sill and VJs nailed above the back door.

This afternoon, Jason had a bit of a potter in the sunroom and added stops on the window sills (this seals the gap where window and sill meet).

VJs will form the wall lining

He also started to nail the VJ (vertical join or tongue and groove) boards for the wall lining. Real VJs. We were originally going to use Easy VJ which is like paneling. Faux VJ.

The real VJs are a lot stronger which is probably a good thing with three young boys running around the house. Because the sunroom is a high traffic area, we thought we'd need the added strength. It will be slightly more expensive and perhaps more fiddly, but it is only one wall which is mostly made up of windows.

Shirtless Jason is back! Perusing his handiwork. This photo is for Faux Fuchsia who was wondering about old Jason. 

So that's the plan for this week. 


  1. Sounds like it will be all systems go at your place this week. No rest for the wicked as they say. I look forward to seeing some after photos at the end of the week. Happy VJ'ing! Ange

  2. Maybe Jason should consider a career change?

    Is he happiest when he's being a carpenter?

  3. Gee, you guys never rest!! Even when you rest you don't rest!! I like the idea if real vs faux - they'll look fab. Have fun! x

  4. Good to hear that Jason is having a break this week as it sounds like he needs a rest. Good to see that the shirt is off too; it's far too hot to be wearing unnecessary apparel at the moment!

    Have a great VJ'ing week together!

    Best wishes always,

  5. I hope you have a great week together. I think it is great he or someone has realised he is cranky and he is taking a break.
    It was about time for another shirtless shot. Thanks Jas.

  6. That door is great, is it original?? I didn't know that's what VJ stood for, der!!

  7. Hope Jason is feeling better. A week pottering around the house would do wonders for my lovely hubby..Rachaelxx

  8. That man is an energiser bunny, can't wait to see the end result. Have a lovely week!!

  9. Legoman is also cranky, perhaps there is something in the air. He is vacillating between quitting his job and just building some huge piece of lego like a Death Star or the like. Not sure which would be more disruptive to the house... unemployment or several thousand grey bits of lego to clog the vacuum. Hope Jason's week long sojourn with the humble non faux vj's gives him back his mojo.

  10. I'm always late posting on Aussie blogs! Hope Hubby has happy holidays at your hacienda.

  11. We all need a break now and then... Enjoy the week together. The sunroom is coming together and how patient to use the real VJ's! ;-)

  12. Perhaps some cave counselling with the ever wise Mr Rooney will serve him well. My beloved is also happier wielding a weapon of carpentry than a pen and a laptop. Happy chillin', Mr Jason.

  13. Oh how lucky to have a man with R&R needs met by reno work. I need a holiday terribly, and much like the type you described for yourself. Even a visit with the aliens would suffice. Beam me up Scotty!


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