Monday, 14 February 2011

Retro glazed planter

On the weekend I went to the Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane to check out Katherine's (from theoldboathouse) wares. I was looking for a plant inspired gift for a birthday present and I was not disappointed.

Vintage Australian glazed pottery planter with Calathea plant
I found a vintage glazed planter in a retro brown and mustard glaze amongst Katherine's treasures. It had a great shape and I thought it would make an interesting jardiniere for the green leafy Calathea that I also picked up at the nursery. It made a great gift to go with a nice bottle of red wine.

And on a not-so-romantic note this St Valentine's Day, we've spent our cash on timber for the Love Shack Sow's Ear.  It is money better spent at this particular moment in time.

Who needs over-priced roses (or Servo flowers) when we can buy over-priced weatherboards for the house instead? Kisses to you all. xx


  1. That's a lovely present to give someone. I think I should visit Katherine too. I need a hat stand.

    I'm with you on the Valentine's Day thing ... I'm glad you invested in your home ... that's where all the love is anyway.

    I saw a sign on the road today saying one could buy 10 roses for $79. Is that OUTLANDISH?

  2. What a great pressie, oh and congrats on winning the Murano vase you lucky possum!
    No V-day for us either, Lyn is away for work, trying to earn some $$ so we can actually do some renovating!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Anita, it is the same story here too.... Maybe next year the servo flowers will make a return. ;-)

  4. I had a little rummage through Katherine's goodies last week too, in both the WAC and the Cottage Garden Nursery. I just love looking through her treasures! That pot is wonderful, I was looking for old boxes and cutlery trays for my stand. I know what you mean about Valentine's Day, the money is much better spent on your house. Michelle

  5. Sounds like you have made a far better investment! Who needs over-priced flowers today anyway? I would rather some under-priced roses on the weekend and a big smoochy kiss from my hubby tonight!

    Best wishes always,

    PS You are one lucky lady...that winning streak has carried over into 2011!

  6. Yes...the timber will last longer than the roses!!! I know the best valentine's gift for me right now would be washing done for a week and uniforms ironed!!

  7. Absolutely. I'm sure Mr Rooney would approve of your financial sensibility.

  8. Roses Shmoses... it's only Valentine's. Gorgeous gift with that plant and glazed pot for your friend. I love the Cottage Garden Nursery; so much to offer with it's plants, furntiture and relics, along with groovy music and cafe. Love it!

  9. I wish I had been there. I really liked that pot too. Are you sure you have to gift it to someone it would look very nice at your place, cheers Katherine


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