Friday, 4 February 2011

Window Hoods

The window hoods which Jason and Mr Rooney, our friendly builder, made on Australia Day are ready to be hung.

Jason painted them to perfection each evening after work. They have been painted gloss white with the contrasting trim painted in Dulux Peppercorn Rent.

The photos below show the old external  window covering:
Old flimsy window hood. This shot was taken from my bedroom window.

Old window hood photo taken from the front yard
Last Sunday, Mr Rooney took down the old window covering and started to install the new hoods. He soon realised that the scaffolding we had was a fraction too short for him to hang the hoods high enough.

The hoods need to hang higher to allow the window to open easily. Mr Rooney tacked one up as far as his six foot self could reach, but he'll have to shift it up a fraction when we have taller scaffolding.

Window hood on the scaffolding

Window hood left up temporarily until we get taller scaffolding

It should look great when they are finally installed (and when we paint the exterior of the house) and it is a vast improvement to what was there before. 


  1. Not that I'm an expert on hoods (except perhaps of the teenage variety) they look pretty damn fine to me. I don't know how Jason does renos after work...that's serious stamina :)

  2. You guys are amazing! Really ... the amount of hardwork, effort and thought you're putting into your home is incredible.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing them in place. How many have you had to make? ;-)

  4. Hope your guys are playing it safe on that scaffolding. Don't want any broken bones!
    I got a bit of a thrill when you mentioned painting the exterior of your house! Do you have your colours all chosen?

  5. great work, very inspiring have a great weekend xx

  6. Looking good - I'm impressed! And thanks for stopping by my blog. x

  7. What a strange name for a paint - 'Peppercorn Rent'! I was in our civic chambers with the chairman of the council recently, and noticed a little box with what looked like rolled up ear wax pellets with 1971... 1982... labels attached. They turned out to be peppercorns paid annually to the city by the university!

  8. Mr Rooney needs taller boots. And having seen yours, my windows look so helplessly unhooded. All that weather that pounds against our windows in winter and no one on these high exposed hills of Ireland every thought of hoods. Shame on us.

  9. Oh yes, big improvement! Love Kerry's comments about hoods :)

  10. Well there is no doubt you need hoods up there. Otherwise The Weather would get in. I actually have an old Edwardian one on one of our west facing windows and it is coming in handy this morning because your cyclone is now giving me bad rain in Melbourne !

    Cannot believe how great they look. The detail is just perfect.


  11. They look fab! So much better - like they have always been there.

  12. I love it - 100% improvement!
    On a random note I have to say I thought of you earlier when I saw this:

  13. Hey Workers, Looking good! They really suit the house. The weather is so hot today isn't doubt a bit of shirt off action happening at your place ha cheers Katherine

  14. Looking great,I don't like attaching hoods to second story walls it's so scary.Take care!

  15. Hi Brismod, thanks for your comment re post modern brisbane houses. You don't happen to have an address for the Lumer House at The Gap do you?


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