Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Jason and Mr Rooney, our respected builder, took the weekend off. Jason's experiencing renovator's fatigue, so Mr Rooney kindly distracted him this weekend, instructing him to leave the Sow's Ear alone.

Yesterday, they drove to the Museum of Australian Military Intelligence in Canungra which is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Brisbane. They are both serious military buffs.

And today they were determined to build a tank...for the kids...yeah, that's what they told me.

Tank design based on a WWII Cromwell Cruiser tank with trusty crew under enemy fire

image from here

Spitting image, isn't it?

Luckily, the crew members didn't seem to be bothered by the slight discrepancies in design, due to budgetary constraints, and carried on valiantly.


  1. That's a ripper!

    Tanks are full-on aren't they? I'm reading a book about the Enigma Code and how a whole series of bungles combined with genius led to the breaking of said Code.

    Strategy, and battles, and war machinations are confusing, otherwise (and the Enigma Code was not confusing?! Ha). Actually, something about the Battle of Britain is on television right now.

    Though seeing that tank makes me think it'd be pleasant to have one for the school pick-up and drop-off ... you'd be sure to squeeze yourself a car park somewhere.


  2. Haha - that's fantastic!
    The resemblance is incredible ... so close is the likeness to the real thing that for a moment there I thought Australia might have plunged into war ... thank goodness it was only a replica tank! ;)

  3. The brief was delivered by number 2 son, and my bloke. They chose the project.

    We had half a dozen kids on saws and paintbrushes and we built a tank!

    It was stinking hot and we also played under the hose in the backyard, just like in the olden days.

    It was tops.

    Ten years from now, in those difficult teenage years, Harry Chapin will be playing in the background on 4BH, and the question will be asked: “ What did you ever do for me dad!”

    The answer will be ‘Remember that time when we built an extra grouse tank together”

    It’s a better investment in the future than window hoods.

    That’s for sure.

    Jas’ is expecting to read about his ‘father of the year’ nomination in the Courier Mail this week.

    Fair enough too, I say.

  4. Now they are going to have bags of fun with that.....the kids I mean, not Jason and Mr. Rooney, although I can see them enjoying themselves making it.

  5. wow, great work. All the kids large and small are going to have a total ball!

  6. It's wonderful! Mr Rooney is a keeper.

  7. Ha! That's wonderful, Bris! I'm glad Jason and Mr Rooney are finally taking a bit of time out. There are some cruel Poms over hear that would have said that 'Australian Military Intelligence' is an oxymoron, but I wouldn't. I wouldn't have even mentioned it if it were not for the fact that I am hiding on the other side of the world!

  8. P.S. - That looks horribly like a real air-rifle the attacker is holding in the top photo!

  9. Fantastic! Really pleased to see that the reno team had a weekend off - it was way too hot for hard labour. Your boys (big and small) are going to have hours of fun on the tank!

    (and what a great idea from Mid Century - a tank for school pick up - love it!)

  10. Brilliant! what a great memory for the kids.... and yes playing under the hose... sealed it. A-M xx

  11. This is hilarious. I love how they had to research it. Did they visit the base at canungra too? I heard they won't let civilians on it now and was wondering if it was true. My brothers used to construct stuff when they were young but this one is just on another level. It is so cool I love it.

  12. Oh yes, the things great memories are made of. Though it's funny that on their day off from building the men keep constructing - they can't help themselves can they? I imagine Jason goes to sleep with a little palm sander in his hand, just make sure it's unplugged :)

  13. What a great weekend! I remember Ben built a billy cart out of a sulo bin one weekend. His Dad was visiting with us at the time. I think they had more fun than the kids! ;-)

  14. Fan-tastic!
    Sometimes I wish my son's father was a bit more hands on with hammer and nails but I can't complain - he's the man to call when there are problems with Grade 12 Maths homework :o)

  15. How cool is that!!! Looks very destructive!

  16. Kath

    Yes civilians can still visit Canungra.

    Things have changed since we used to live there. Your old house and our old house in Corcoran Cresent is gone!

    That's not all. The main gate that used to have a digger minding it is gone too. Nowadays you go through the first gate and drive in a couple of hundred metres before you sign in with Civilian security.

    Normal times you can go and visit the Int museum and the various unit memorials on the camp.

    The civ security bloke wasn't overworked. He was watching McGyver on the telly when we spoke to him.

    That is one of the things that makes this a truly great country to live in.

  17. Mr Rooney c/- fabulous Brismod. I feel nervous about going back, it is such a special place in my memory, I don't want that memory to change in my minds eye. But I really want to visit the Training Team memorial. We should do a big Rooney/ Collins etc return to Canungra or even more families that were there on base back then. It was such a special time...Don't forget its your sisters birthday today ha xx Kath

  18. I think there has been a wee bit too much attention to detail there! But, I see the kids are loving it!

  19. For sure Kath

    2nd July is the Team Birthday.

    If we start herding cats now we might be a chance of being organised then.

    It is a very civilised affair and a good day out.


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