Sunday, 23 January 2011


Renovation fatigue that is. Jason. Not me.

Jason has worked himself into the ground. He works longish hours in his day job and then he does quite a bit of work around the house.

If you had to pick a team, you'd be on Team Jason because the work would always be done. That's his personality, he is very reliable.

So, from fatigue grows cranky thoughts. He looks around him and all he sees is LAZINESS.

And naturally, I'm on Jason's hit list because I have a ...well, lets just call it a laissez-faire attitude. You know what I mean.

This photo sealed my fate. (You wouldn't want to be on my team because the job would be'd be guaranteed a good laugh and a good feed though)

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So I've been laying off the blog a bit, trying to look busy on the domestic front. It's hard mind-numbing work, I tell you, being a Stepford wife. I'll be reading the book to get some tips.

Anyway, that explains my absence in the blogosphere...

This weekend saw the removal of the final piece of lattice on our back deck.
Jason undercoated the balustrade this morning. It hasn't rained for a couple of days. Yay!


  1. well team jas sounds very productive and all but I might like to try your team for a while :) back deck looks fabbo - fine effort all round - best le

  2. Hmmm I am trying very hard to bite my tongue but I know you know what I am thinking ha. Maybe another photo needs to be posted, maybe one of the garage hey Jason ha. But you know it is together that you guys make the best team...ahh shucks, cheers Katherine

  3. As a mother of three boys you can hardly call yourself lazy, Anita. The back deck looks amazing.

  4. It is hard work which seems never ending but the rewards speak for themselves. Your back deck is looking fantastic. Go team! ;-)

  5. You two.

    Does he know you're on the computer now?

    You've done such a massive effort on your house, is there any chance he can give himself a fortnight off to enjoy it?

    I'd love to see a prawn cocktail post!

  6. The deck is looking great!It doesn't matter if you spend all day on housework the kids will make it look as if you haven't done a thing by the time Hubby walks in the door,it's a conspiracy man!

  7. ha ha! I LOVE the photo that sealed your fate! The deck is looking great too.

  8. I wouldn't want to be on Jason's team - too much like real work by the sound of it. I wouldn't mind employing him though. P.S. If those men ask you to visit a certain doctor in town, just say no.

  9. Oh Dear.

    I've posted my Time Management Skills in the comments part of my latest blog- perhaps these will help? 'cept I don't have to look after lots of kids. Or renovate.

    Are the kids back at school this week- that might assist! Good luck and remember it's a marathon not a sprint (Thanks Can Do. )xx

  10. Hehe, I laughed reading this. Sounds familiar, we are just finishing a reno here ourselves and I'm exhausted. My blog had to take a back seat for quite a while as a result. Thankfully the kids are back to school next week, the builders have almost finished so I live in hope....

  11. Jason really is a machine, or rather a masochist?? Sometimes it is difficult keeping up with these guys - Lyn can be a little the same at times and it's hard for me to keep up.
    ps the deck is looking great :)

  12. Reno fatigue is a feeling I understand very well. We're constantly renovating something...

  13. I'm like Jason, always busy busy. Liable to be cranky at other who aren't. So I'll be keeping an eye on you and don't you dare comment on my blog again, ever, or I'll know you're shirking duty.

    (I don't mean that.)


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