Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mid-century homes in the hood

As promised here is the handful of mid-century homes in our general vicinity. 

I'd love to see inside each and every one of them, but x-ray vision is not my forte. The exteriors will just have to do. This is what I see on my morning walk:

This 1960s home angled on its block
It is not a house that you would immediately exclaim, "Wow!"  however it is a good example of the architecture of that era. It is certainly a shift away from the more conservative designed homes in this area.

Same 1960s house, nestled into the trees. taken from another vantage point

1960s Home

I just couldn't get a good shot of this home. The bushes are overgrown around it and you just can't see any more from the street. Such a shame because it would have such striking street appeal. It is on a large corner block and from this snippet you can see there is a lot of sliding glass which opens up onto the front patio (and of course two trampolines...!?).

1970s home
I have to say I absolutely love this 1970s tiered palace. It is immense. The entire front of the home is glass and there is a large rectangular swimming pool in the front.

The solid front fence is a new addition. There used to be brick breeze blocks as the front fence, which were just perfect (in my humble opinion), allowing you more of a view of the house. It probably just didn't give the owners enough privacy.

Anyway, this place looks like it would be the party house! Martini, anyone?

Another 60s style home, brick and lots of glass
This is another favourite of mine which sits on a very large corner block. I like the feature brick structure attached to the front of the home. It is situated in a marvellous location - the whole tree-lined street is quite stunning really.

From its corner position, the house above has views towards Mt Cootha (see the TV station aerials), which is on the west side of Brisbane.

Same house from above.
But all they must see is the green plastic rainwater tank and trees!! Maybe they don't use the glass front room very much?

There you have a mini mid-century tour of our area. There really are only a handful of homes...I thought I would find more...I might have to walk further...


  1. 'The hissing of summer lawns'... nice neighborhood.

  2. I love to have a nosy around neighbourhoods, thanks for sharing yours.
    I am your newest follower and look forward to catching up on your renovations. x

  3. OMG! I couldn't read this post fast enough! My suburb sucks! Stupid suburb.

    I especially love the astro-turf lawns ... but, ta-da, they're real grass!

  4. oh yeah, that 70's house looks like a place where their parties involve putting your keys into a bowl at the end of the night!! haha

  5. yes Anita keep walking and taking more photos I love this sort of post. I will have to take my camera on a couple of walks now. Sorry for the lack of capitals using new iPod.

  6. Mid century mod is very popular in your area! It's very rare to see those homes where I live. Thanks for the tour.

  7. What great looking homes. Despite living in an old house, I really feel like I'd also be very happy in one of these styles. When I was little I was obsessed with the Brady Bunch's house, in fact still am. So cool :)

  8. I'm realkly liking this little tour of your area brismod. All of the houses are great, no matter what era they're from

  9. thats an impressive rainbarrel !!
    i ll make the martinis at the party. im pretty good at that

  10. My husband says if you can see a house from the road, he doesn't want it! so I can understand all the undergrowth, trees and solid walls, I just hate being visible...

  11. Love the martini house just what I was looking for :-( Will


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