Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gable roll for window hoods

Today, Mr Rooney, our military historian builder, sent me around the countryside to pick up building supplies. Like his girl Friday.

I was hoping to put my feet up and read a book in peace, now the two eldest boys resumed school today (Sshh! Don't tell Jason. I meant to say scrubbing the toilet or something)

Instead my mission was to source gable roll and to pick up other material from Bunnings. Mr Rooney is forward-planning for when he and Jason make window hoods for the bedroom side of the Sow's Ear. They're  making a start on them tomorrow.

Timber and tin window hood
Image from here

Anyway, my eyes have well and truly been opened to the time-consuming world of sourcing building materials. I stuffed up and bought the wrong thing even after telephoning a few places to see if they had the elusive gable roll.

Image courtesy of Stratco

Being the hapless blogger that I am,  I spent a good part of the day ricocheting from Tingalpa, home, Tingalpa, Capalaba...it's got a certain ring to it, as only Australian suburbs do.

I swear there's a couple of middle-aged blokes having dinner tonight talking about their day and about that dumb Sheila who didn't know the difference between rolled-edged flashing and gable roll.

Yeah, well I know now.

Two more windows went in this afternoon. It is starting to look very nice!


  1. What? Golly ... I'm confused. I got lost at the title.

    Your place is going to look a million dollars!

  2. I am impressed! shudder shudder, they are 'man' jobs Brismod. I would much rather scrub the toilet. (good on you though)

  3. I got confused by the title too - I thought it might be to do with 'Gone With the Wind' - like 'Gable role for Widow Hoods'. Sounds like the sort of title that 'The romantic query...' might have used, together with a picture from 'The French Lieutenant's Woman'!

  4. Oh now you have got me thinking.... Must show Ben this post as we need to do those hoods too. I think you did well girl Friday! I hope Mr Rooney wasn't too upset by the wrong materials, I am sure you can change it. When you find it, please show us what it is? ;-)

  5. To be honest I still can't believe mr Rooney knows all this stuff ! I think this impresses me more than all his knowledge of history and the like cause I guess I knew he knew all that and let's face it book learnin is all well and good but what we really love is practical skills. I mean for example , mr Darcy is all well and good on paper but he would never cut it in the real world.. Why? He can't put in casement windows! ...I say again Renaissance man our mr Rooney....I admit to a real sense of pride and happiness when I see those windows....

  6. My heartbeat quickens now when I read 'Mr Rooney' - what a renaissance man! And don't fret about getting the wrong stuff - That's How We Learn (insert simpering smile here).

  7. My hubby sends me to the lumber store all the time. Now the guys there roll their eyes and laugh when they see me coming!

  8. Nothing worse than Girl Friday errands going awry on a hot day. Glad to see you take the positive out of the situation too. We need window hoods as when it rains we have to close the windows. All looking good. Look forward to seeing todays progress report!

  9. Wow, I'd be completely clueless trying to source such a thing ... sounds like you're becoming an expert though.

    Your windows are going to look amazing!! :)

  10. Yes well I think I might know as much as Tom about this subject.. I would be more than useless if I was standing at the Bunnings counter. It seems you did really well, and tomorrow you definitely deserve some time with your book in the shade.


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